The townsfolk are happy to be rid of the pie spell. The crops growing in the snow are strange but the people are thankful for the food source.

The last leg of the Snow Games was announced. The (Scholars) Aurelian and Frank stated the games are simplistic and of no interest to them. I asked what does interest them? They spoke of books with no physical form. I asked them of the ley lines and magic abundant in Evermore? They claimed the magic was like a speck of dirt and they were looking at the whole garden.

A lot of time was spent at the Hunter’s Hovel keeping warm by the fire and watching those participating in the Snow Games.

A WorldWalker made Sykes a beanie with his name on it. He was thrilled to show it off! I apologized for making fun of his hat. (I appreciate the reference to Dr. Who with the fez and bowtie but I still like his tophat better.)

I recognized the actor of Dr. Rosalind Marsh as my old supervisor at work. What a small world!

The Elf of Light Taika asked which guild would be best for her? The Hubby expressed his love for the Blackhearts but the attributes don’t quite fit her. The Kiddo thought the Bards matched her and she seemed pleased. She asked about the Pirates? I told her they drink too much. She refuted that she drinks plenty of water. I told her to join Badger’s Water guild! but shh it’s a secret.

I was concerned Kyrah hasn’t returned from flickering. I remembered Kyrah used to have vivid dreams. I wondered if we could somehow contact her through dreamwalking? The Coven said in order for that to work we must locate Kyrah first. Using the ring Kryah imbued for Jasper, the Coven along with the support of many WorldWalkers performed a spell. Miri saw through Kyrah’s eyes. Kyrah is cold, lost in a snowy forest, has discovered something, and is very angry. Because of the cold we assume she is in Aurora and since the spell worked we think she’s in the same timeline.

Jasper went to ask the Wolves of Winter what it would take to go rescue Kyrah. Ulfenia the Sword stopped him suspicious of the sections in town where citizens completely lost their voices.

I asked Ulfenia if she cared for her pack. She got extremely defensive. Once we explained protecting our pack was our intent she allowed us in.

The Wolves of Winter explained the snowy forest would be a two weeks journey from the portal, there are hotsprings that could help a person survive the cold, telling other clan members that Kyrah is part of the pack may help gain passage, however surviving and navigating aren’t the only issues as Ginley and Gafruk pose the greatest danger. 

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  1. “Strange” things make me so nervous now… anything that looks like hope is suddenly so suspicious. 

    And thank you for sharing!