What a great season finale!

It was very emotional but isn’t that exactly what good storytelling is supposed to do? Make you feel. 

My relationships with these characters  have been growing for a long time. I’ve become invested in these people. They are my friends and loved ones. Watching them leave made my sorrow more intense.

Kyrah was one of our main encounters when we first ventured into Mythos during 2019. At the time she was a fairy princess. She introduced us to Jasper, her fairy best friend. Jasper then became Hubby’s very best friend.

Seeing Kyrah develop her potential as a magic user and a leader throughout the year was a long arduous process. Now that she’s fulfilling her destiny, I’m immensely proud! but sad to see her go. This must be what a parent feels when their child is grown. 

Seeing Jasper bring out the best in the Hubby was delightful. It made a world of difference in his life. Having Jasper leave feels the same as when Hubby’s brother was sent to Active Military Duty. 

When Miri came to town she connected with the kiddo. Her influence has helped him navigate some of the pains of growing up and becoming himself. 

I’m devastated I didn’t get to say a formal goodbye. I couldn’t find Miri in the crowd, Kyrah was swarmed, and Jasper was detained by something for so long the Wolves nearly left without him! 

I’m sure they know I care about them and that’s what counts! but it certainly gives a sense of closure to have that final embrace.

I dare to say friends leaving is worse than dying. Death is inevitable. Leaving means missing out on countless interactions and shared experiences as life marches on. That pains my soul. I know they’re not gone forever and I’m proud they went off to accomplish great things! but it still carved a large hole in my heart.


Although it hurts and many tears were shed I wouldn’t trade the moment for anything. It makes me cherish the memories, be more aware of living in the present, and stop taking my loved ones for granted.

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