5 Things We Learned about Evermore Park at LTUE 2020

Evermore Park was one of the presenters at LTUE this year. If you missed it, you can watch all three Evermore-related panels on our YouTube channel.

No time to watch the panels? No problem. We’ve got you covered with the five most important things we learned about Evermore at LTUE this year.

Season passes are not going to happen.

When someone asked when the park would introduce season passes, Bobby responded, “We wont.”

“We won’t. A lot of parks are trying to move away from annual passes and subscriptions. Trying to convince your financial officers when Disney and everyone are [wondering], “why did we do it?!” is very difficult.

We are looking at group rates and group passes. We’re looking at family rates and family passes. We’re looking at weekend passes, so if you want to do a Friday/Saturday night experience, you will be able to get a discount on that rather than buying the tickets individually.

By the time we get to our April season, which will be Mythos, we will hopefully… be offering a lot more options for people to come and visit the park.”

More Evermore content is on the way.

Bobby explained several things that Evermore will be introducing. The Park intends to have a much bigger online presence in 2020.

According to Bobby:

“This year, we’re going to be much more of an online presence. We’ve been developing what we call our “Evermore Bible” and that’s going to establish a stronger IP with recognizable characters. We’re going to be doing more character insights… definitely more of a presence like on Twitch and YouTube. We’re also incorporating some blog aspects, podcast aspects, as well as [attempting] a lot of crazy things like web comics, radio plays set in Evermore with the characters… So our audience, even if they’re not able to attend, can still have a little bit of Evermore to engage with.”

Evermore is creating deep, complex worlds.

Previous seasons lacked a lot of depth. These issues are being corrected by an intense focus on comprehensive world building.

Trevor Ballard (who has played Aidan, Mortimer and Ulf_Drott) is working on building systems that relate to World Building. He explained that he began working on this as Aidan the Dragon Trainer, because he wanted a system of dragon taxonomies and anatomies to discuss with World Walkers.

According to Chance Le Prey, the building of the Eververse became a priority when Bobby took over as showrunner.

Chance said that the goal is to have a detailed constructed reality.

“Down to the molecular level or quantum level, we can tell you what type of flowers grow in this region of Mythos near this town, because it has this type of water supply.”

“It’s like writing an encyclopedia or a science textbook,” Bobby added.


Pyrra and the new Lore portal spoilers were revealed.

In Pyrra, there will be a representative or two from every one of the Realms.

The 2020 Lore season will open to an all-new realm known as Tholsia (spelling? I’m not sure).

We’re all kinda stupid excited about it… we’re really excited for this year.

Aurora is going to have a cliffhanger ending.

Aurora wraps up in two weeks… and we’re going to be sending our friends into a war zone. We won’t know what happens for at least a year.

We’ll be opening back to Aurora. I’m sure the fans will be very eager to see which characters get to return. All of those characters are about to leave us and go through the portal and won’t be seen for at least a year. And we hope, because we know they’re going back to fight a war to reclaim the throne, we hope that all of them return.

Stay up-to-date on the Evermore story here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s nice to know what’s going on! I’m glad there will be more online presence from the park for out of towners like me to keep up with goings on! I’m also thankful for you guys here at evermore fans that have helped with that too!!

  2. I’m really sad that we won’t be seeing anything like season passes because I know that it’s just not possible for me to be able to budget in tickets for the amount of times I would love to go. I would go every single weekend if I could afford the hour long drive down there on top of ticket prices, but I’m looking forward to seeing what options will be available in the future.