Acolytes Purchased the Church: The First Property Has Sold

Almost as soon as the sale of properties was announced, the Acolytes of the Order of Saint Michael somehow secured the 9,000 gold pieces to purchase the church in Evermore. It is in need of repair but some speculate that the Acolytes are searching for records of the original Christian names of the people in town. After all, true names hold great power.

There are many Acolytes in town at this time. They have declared their intent to purge Evermore of magic. They have expressed a special interest in our prominent magic users, especially Kyrah and Wen Weaver.

Earlier in the evening, Wen quarreled with one of the Acolytes and in the heat of the moment, set him on fire. She had regrets afterward, of course, and warned all Coven members to be very cautious. She fears for the safety of all magic users in Evermore.

Since Wen has a history with the Church, she is specifically threatened by this purchase. She believes they intend to search for records to find the true names of the magical residents of Evermore. It is implied that the names could be used to kill them.

For more information on this acquisition, please watch this video that was provided by Ken Bunderson.

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