Anonymous Donor Pays Dragon Trainer Bail

Kaida the Dragon Trainer holds Aelin, her dragon.

Yesterday, Kaida was arrested for stealing dragon eggs from Sephtis. Today, they are back in town with some shocking new developments!

Kaida and Ina found Hal in the forest.

Remember Hal? He was banished by Vaella earlier this season when he confessed to helping dragons during the Dragon Wars.

Well, apparently Hal has been living in the forests outside of Evermore. When Kaida and Ina escaped last night, they encountered Hal in the forest.

Hal gave them evidence against Sephtis.

While wandering in the forest, Hal found papers on blood magic and a necklace that belonged to Sephtis.

Since this information was crucial to Ozymandias’ investigation into Edgar’s burglary, the sisters returned to Evermore first thing and presented their evidence to Ozymandias.

Ozymandias was about to arrest them when an anonymous donor paid their bail.

Even though they had this new evidence, Ozymandias was still duty-bound to arrest the sisters. After all, Kaida had confessed to a theft and Ina had helped her escape.

However, at the exact moment that Ozymandias was about to take action, the postmaster ran into the ruins. He had a letter from an anonymous donor and two bags laden with gold.

“Ozymandias! I actually have something that might be of interest for you,” Phillip Humphrey, the postman, said as he handed Ozymandias the letters and bags of gold. He insisted that he had no idea who had paid the bail because the items were left on his desk first thing that morning.

At Kaida’s request, the Phillip read the letter aloud. It said, “To the Grand Inspector Ozymandias Flynn and the Government of Evermore, in the name of the great city of Evermore, thereby pay the bails for Miss Ina Torrin and Miss Kaida Torrin. Please release them to their father’s custody post haste.”

Their father, Aidan, denied being involved and so did the World Walkers on the scene.


You can watch this scene unfold here. 

NEXT: Sephtis is arrested for double homicide.

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