Conflict and Crisis: An Aurora 2018-9 Overview

Aurora is a season of snow and festivities

Aurora 2018 brought unexpected gifts to Evermore. The Portal to Aurora opened in the cold, winter months – which is a good thing, because the Auroran Delegation is used to cold weather.

The Auroran Delegation discovered an old friend.

When the Auroran Delegation arrived in Evermore, they were surprised to find an old friend they had once assumed was dead.

An Auroran named Gjakull Skare had been trapped on Earth. He had been living in Evermore for thousands of years, disguised as a gravedigger named Badger.

There was conflict over who should lead the Auroran military.

King Aerick of Aurora decided that Gjakull should resume his former position as head of the military. This was very offensive to the current leader, Princess Drifa.

There was a lot of contention about this. After a great debate, Drifa decided that she would be loyal to the king and his decision. When King Aerick saw her newfound humility, he decided that she should retain her current title.

Gjakull was appointed to be an Auroran Ambassador to Evermore instead.

Aurorans and Mythosians didn’t get along at first.

The Aurorans and the Mythosiasn didn’t get along when the portal first opened again. The two groups had missing memories and misunderstandings about their past. Peace was eventually restored, with the help of the World Walkers.

The cyphers began to appear.

Coded messages, called cyphers, began to appear around Evermore at this time. The townspeople couldn’t solve them, so the World Walkers helped out.

Tip-Top was in crisis.

The automaton began to slowly break down and eventually completely stopped working. His creator, the inventor James Burtwhistle Wikam, mysteriously disappeared. The World Walkers eventually helped restore Tip-Top to health.

The Dragon Trainers saved the dragons.

The Dragon Trainers attempted a ritual that was supposed to help their eggs hatch. Although the eggs did not change, but they began to hear reports about dragons moving in the forests.

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