Aurora Menus: Pies, Pretzels and More!

The Aurora season is in full swing, and that means new treats on the menu! Some of our old favorites have disappeared and new offerings have arrived.

In order to spread lines evenly around the park, the concessions are no longer organized by location. In previous seasons, you could count on Barter West for sweets, Barter East for savories and the Hex Trove for drinks and light snacks. Now, the fare is spread evenly among the different concession stands.

Barter West

Barter West currently offers pretzels (with cheese or honey mustard), gumbo, and a variety of hot drinks. They also offer a variety of soups, which can be ordered in a cup, bowl or bread bowl.

The soups rotate and not all varieties are available every day. So far this season, we’ve seen these soups:

  • Steak & Ale Chowder
  • Broccoli Cheese
  • Chicken Enchilada
  • Carrot Coriander

Barter East

Barter East is famous for fries – or at least it should be! You can purchase plain fries ($5), truffle fries ($6) and parmesan and herb fries ($6). Of these, I personally think the truffle fries are the best.

You can also buy two types of poutine. Pork Poutine includes shredded pork, cheese curds and gravy over fries. Cottage Pie Poutine uses ground beef and onions.

Barter East is also offering two-types of pie. Snowberry Pie features Bavarian cream and lingonberry jam. The Chocolate Magic pie is made of chocolate pudding and marshmallow cream. Both pies are fairly small and individually sized. The pies are $3.50 each, or two for $6.


You can also purchase hot cocoa ($4), peppermint cocoa ($4.50), wassail ($4), coffee ($2.50) and a half-cocoa, half-coffee Evermocha ($4).

Hex Trove

The Hex Trove, located in the back of the park near the Burrows and Ruins, also sells some great snacks. They have brats, hot dogs, churros, water bottles and Peppermint Cocoa.

Oh, and when the concession stands in the front of the park run out of cocoa, you can always check with the Hex Trove! I thought they sold out one day… but then I was able to get my peppermint cocoa fix in the back of the park.

They recently added S’more Kits as well! These kits come with either 2 or 4 marshmallows, individually wrapped graham cracker pieces and Hershey’s chocolate. You’ll also receive sticks. You can take the S’mores Kits to any fire pit in the park. It’s so much fun!

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