Aurora Merchandise: Everything We’ve Found in the Mercantile So Far

New season, new goodies! As promised, this is our seasonal post on the things we’ve found in the Evermore gift shop. As usual, we have organized our list by price, with the more expensive items near the end of the post.

Stickers – $2.50

There are many different sizes, shapes and designs to choose from!

Hand Warmers – $3.50

Aurora is cold. If you find yourself in need of some warmth, you can pick up these hand warmers in the gift shop for $3.50 per pack.

Guild Patches – $5

Represent your guild in style with these beautiful patches.

Patches – $10

These patches are much larger than the guild patches. They are also seasonal, so you’d better get yours soon!

Aurora Pins – $12

These Aurora pins make wonderful souvenirs!

Bracelets – $12

The beaded bracelets are $12 each.

Christmas Tree Ornaments – $15

These wooden ornaments feature a simplified Evermore logo with the iconic “E” and shield shape.

Keychains – $15

The Evermore keychains are a must-have item.

Shield Tees – $22

These white t-shirts feature the Evermore name and logo in gold.

Pooka Tees – $24

The Pooka is a fan-favorite creature from the Lore season.

Horn Mugs – $35

These horn mugs were also available during Lore.

Skeleetle Bugs – $38

Skeleethe bugs are from the world of Lore. The sign near the display reads, “Using its sharp horn, the Skeleetle is known to cut through bone to get to the marrow.”

Ocarinas – $38-58

I’m not sure if the ocarinas are leftover from last season, but there aren’t as many as there used to be. These are the types that were available as of this writing.

Backpacks – $45

Every adventurer needs a good satchel of some kind. These Evermore backpacks are beautiful and durable!

Quest Journals – $55

This leather quest journal is emblazoned with the Evermore logo! It is exactly the sort of thing you need to document your adventures in Evermore.

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