Aurorans Arrive: Elves of Light vs. Wolves of Winter

Taika, one of the Elves of Light

On the evening of Friday, December 29, chaos erupted when a group of frightened Aurorans burst through the back gate. World Walkers reported hearing screaming from beyond the wall, and then a group of people running through the gate.

The Elves of Light were frightened, desperately seeking somewhere to hide because they were being chased by the Wolves of Winter.

“The wolves, they attacked us! They tried to get us. I tried to fight them off but they overtook us. There were so many of them!” exclaimed one frightened Elf.

“They were right behind us! Is there please somewhere we can hide?” begged another.

Sykes calmed them down, promising protection from the Knights and the Rangers. Eventually, it was decided that they could take refuge in the nearby Burrows.

When the dark figures of the Wolves emerged, Arawn hailed them with a friendly, “Evening, friends! What can I help you with?”

They didn’t respond to any questions. Instead, the wolves slowly crept up the path and over the Burrows. They shouted in a foreign tongue and one of them drew a weapon. Arawn cautioned, “You best point that somewhere else, friend. You’re not going to like what happens.”

The wolves seem to have taken up post there, prowling above the Burrows in search of the Elves. The Elves are safely contained inside the Burrows, where the Wolves cannot get to them.

The Wolves seem to think they are at war with the Elves, although they have not yet given an explanation as to why.

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