A Breach in the Barrier: The Haunting Begins

The barrier protecting Evermore from the encroaching darkness of Lore has been breached! Edgar informed us that the tear occurred near the mausoleum… and the creatures that slipped through seem to be contained along the pathway that winds around the Mausoleum, into the cemetery, and around the statue to the Moon Gate.

There are infected bush fae lurking around the pathways.

Kitty, the Bush Fae that has been lurking in the catacombs, has been joined by two others. They are no longer contained within the catacombs. Instead, they mask themselves as bushes along the pathways around the mausoleum, leaping out and scaring unsuspecting passersby.

There are apparitions lurking in Louden’s Rest.

Faldo explained, “The darkness does work into your mind such that you see apparitions… perhaps of those long since dead. Of course, they do not say anything because they are merely constructs of the darkness affecting your mind. They may weep, they may wail, whatever is necessary to unnerve you.”

A wailing nun was also spotted lurking near the mausoleum. At least, that’s how Professor Beaumont identified the creature.

Vampires have been spotted in the catacombs.

We had a lovely conversation with the vampire named Azrael last night. He was quite insistent that he didn’t want anyone in the catacombs because it was time for the vampires to sleep and they might awake hungry.

He did say, “We try to find the cows and the deer. Much easier to consume. Fast and hard to catch, but they feed all of us at once.” Still, he couldn’t guarantee that we wouldn’t be eaten if we chose to wander through.

Azrael did allow us to take a picture with our “demon box.”


Something is lurking near the moon gate.

There’s something creepy lurking near the moon gate. When I walked from the statue to the Burrows, it chased me. I didn’t get a good photo of it because, let’s be honest, I’m a just a coward when it comes to all things scary.

If anyone has a photo of this creature, I would love to add it to the website!

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