Blackheart Hunters: Jasper is Out, Drake is In

Johnathan Drake Karrigan, a newly arrived Blackheart Hunter, displaced Jasper as leader of the Evermore chapter of the Blackheart Hunters. According to Drake, Jasper had never fully completed the Blackheart initiation himself and therefore lacked proper authority to initiate others. Because Jasper inducted Kyne, Kyne also had to go through the re-initiation process.

Of course, nobody was willing to blindly accept Drake’s authority in the matter. He brought with him a letter from Killian, one of the founders of the Blackhearts, to verify his story. Our friend Fletcher snapped this picture when Dervel asked him to deliver the letter to Jasper.

The letter reads:

Durvell and the Blackhearts of Evermore, 

My friends, the news I hear from Evermore frightens me. If our new chapter of Blackhearts on the edge of the Great Northern Forest were not so precarious, I would come myself. But because I cannot, I leave you in the capable hands of one of my oldest friends and most trusted allies. His name is Drake Karrigan and he is a true Blackheart. His bravery, wisdom and strength knows no bounds. Drustin works strongly within him. 

Trust him. He carries my power and his words my weight. His chapter of Blackhearts is our must successful, in terms of service given and monetary returns. I eagerly wait his report. 

Blackhearts unite!

Since his arrival, Drake has appointed Dervel as head of the Blackheart Guild because Dervel has the most seniority. Jasper and Kyne have completed their re-initiation to become Blackhearts again.


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