The Darkblood Assault – Evermore Park Weekend in Review (10/17-10/21)

What a wild weekend! There was nonstop action as the Burrows and Tavern both fell to the Darkbloods. Some of our favorite friends have been infected and there’s still no leads on a cure. We’re running out of time, World Walkers! Evermore needs our help.


The weather was ominous and blustery on Thursday, October 17… and it seemed to foretell of dire things to come.

Nightshade reports during an emergency Town Council meeting.

Sykes called an emergency town council meeting as soon as the portal opened on Thursday evening. Nightshade had an urgent report about the town’s defenses. They have all fallen, and even the Grey’s Estate has been completely overrun. A full-fledged assault was declared imminent.

Wen Weaver was not pleased when she heard this information.

Wen Weaver was distraught when she heard the fates of the farmers and other folk outside the town’s walls.

Wisteria taught World Walkers how to help Kyrah with her spell.

Kyrah informed us that Wisteria could help us prepare for the upcoming spell. However, the weather postponed Kyra’s spell.

The Burrows is overtaken by Darkbloods.

An infestation of Darkbloods overtook the Burrows late in the evening, just before the portal closed. Rooster held them at bay long enough for the dwarves and the World Walkers to escape.


Badger has returned to town.

Badger, the infamous gravedigger from last year’s Aurora, has returned to town. However, if you ask him, he was always here and we just weren’t paying attention.

Granny Ruthie is new in town.

You can read more about Granny Ruthie here.

The dwarves have moved into the pergola near the range.

Bro even saved her boyfriend, Julio! 😉

Sephtis returns… with the head of Lady Grey in a bag!

Sephtis was found lurking in the tavern, with his axe and a head in a bag. He claimed it was the head of Lady Grey, and that he had found her in possession of the mind control potions that were used in the burglary and barn fire during Mythos. Of course, at that time she was still working for the One True Government…

Suds received a letter from Jardani.

Suds received a troubling letter from Jardani, which he read aloud in the tavern. Apparently Clara was pregnant when she stepped through the portal. For them, 20 years have passed… and now Suds’ kid is looking for him.

Kyrah’s ritual was a success!

Kyrah enchanted a ring of forewarning for Jasper, with the help of Wisteria and a crowd of World Walkers. At the conclusion of the ritual, Wisteria confirmed it was a success!

Phillip Humphrey has two out of three symptoms of the plague.

Anyone who has been in Evermore knows Phillip Humphrey by his impeccable memory. You can visit the park once, and he’ll still remember your name months later.

However, yesterday he didn’t even remember the daily World Walkers. At various points, he thought he was back in Oxford and that it was the Aurora season. He also had a nosebleed.

Jasper was stabbed by Azrael the vampire while trying to save Piper.

Piper wanted to prove her bravery to the Knights (well, actually, Sir Arawn in particular). She decided to brave the catacombs alone. While she was in there, Azrael told her to run. However, he also grabbed her and hissed menacingly. Jasper came to her rescue and was attacked by Azrael. He tackled Azrael and ended up locked in the catacombs. A stake was later found that had Jasper’s blood on it.

An acolyte of the Order of Saint Michael intends to cleanse the town.

Immediately after Jasper was taken, an acolyte claiming to be his cousin appeared in town.

The Darkbloods pursue Roe and overtake the tavern.

The Darkbloods were chasing Roe and ended up surrounding the tavern. Many World Walkers and Evermorians were barricaded inside while the Darkbloods assaulted the doors. Eventually, a World Walker volunteered as a decoy so that everyone could escape.

In the ensuing battle, both Sir Arawn was infected.

Suds was also infected. He was also devastated by his inability to defend the tavern.

Afterward, Wen Weaver sought out Arawn. She was devastated that he was infected.

Ser Kilyrie had a word of warning to all World Walkers and Evermorians alike.

Kyne was deliberately infected by Hal.

Hal asked Kyne to assist with finding a cure. He trapped her in a cage with a sedated darkblood, which he then awoke. Kyne has obviously been infected.



Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. There was nonstop action throughout Evermore!

A blacksmith has arrived in town.

Violet has hired a blacksmith, who has set up shop near the forge.

Town Council Meeting

A town council meeting was held to discuss the events of Friday evening. World Walkers were asked to help assess the Evermorians for signs of infection. We were also asked to help select a representative of each guild to participate in the council.

During this meeting, Jasper also appeared. He was bleeding and very ill. He did not expect to live much longer.

Gudrun is the real Lady Grey!

While *ahem* visiting the Grey’s estate, Sephtis found a journal entry that explained how the Grey’s real daughter had been sent to live on her uncle’s farm in Norway. A changeling child had taken her place. Sephtis delivered this note to Gudrun just after the town council meeting.

Hal was stripped of his titles because of what he did to Kyne.

Vaella was furious with Hal’s actions, so she stripped him of his ranger title and removed Naemur’s cloak from Hal’s possession.

Ariadne aligns herself with The Darkness.

Ariadne informed me that her power comes from The Darkness itself. Shortly thereafter, she was frolicking near the Fae King and even seemed to exert some power over Arawn.

Roe is Sud’s Daughter.

When Suds was overcome by the infection, he asked Roe to retrieve a box. Inside the box was a photo of Clara, Suds’ beloved fiance who was lost to the Lore Portal last year. When Roe saw the photo, she demanded, “Why do you have a picture of my mother?!”

Of course, Clara was Captain Nettleton’s daughter… so Roe is the Captain’s granddaughter! They had a lovely reunion as well.

Darkbloods lurk in the tavern after dark.

Jasper seemed to be doing much better as the evening progressed, because he helped dispel several Darkbloods from the tavern. He even kept the infected Sir Arawn at bay when he approached the tavern. Watch the video on Facebook.

Zhodi tended to those affected by The Darkness.

As Zhodi fearlessly assisted those infected, some World Walkers became very concerned for his safety. Zhodi had wise words to share about this, however.

Another town council meeting was held late in the evening.

The second town council meeting was held late in the evening. As Evermorians and World Walkers spoke their minds, it became a very heated meeting.

During this meeting, Badger helped examine those suspected of infection.

Hal is banished to the quarantine zone.

Due to Hal’s ongoing behavior, Vaella felt it was necessary to remove his weapons and banish him into the quarantine zone. Although Hal complied, he was definitely not happy with this decision.


Monday was a much quieter night.

Arawn did not remember Sykes.

Arawn was trying to retain his own mind and repel The Darkness… but he is slipping. He thought Sykes was Duffy.

The Acting Troupe performed near the Quarantine Zone.

After all, their beloved Piper is restricted to that area. She was able to participate in the performance from a distance. If you watch in the background, you’ll see Hal administering concoctions to those affected. He insists that these are intended to be a treatment.

Piper hears someone singing and Mortimer declares it’s a necromancer.

Mortimer charged World Walkers to help find and stop the singing necromancer.

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  1. The infected were sent to the quarantine zone at the end of the night on Saturday. Hal was also sent there after being stripped of his weapons and Ranger ranking by Vaella for purposefully infecting Kyne.