Chapter 1 – Ever Night

In the fabric of which our worlds are made, there is a circle: Everything inside the circle is real, whatever is outside only thinks it is real.

I am outside the circle, but not just me alone, my whole world fell out of the circle long ago. 
That is why it is always so dark, because it is forever night where I live. Though the phase of the moon changes and the stars adjust their positions in the summer or winter skies, time is not passing. The sun never rises.

That is not to say my world isn’t graced by light as referenced to what is good. There is much figurative light in the hearts of my people, but we are always surrounded by a literal darkness. I have grown up in this darkness and never been discontent with it until I discovered my ability to open portals, then I saw physical light for the first time. Ever since then I have yearned for the worldly change that became the definition of dawn.

Other worlds enjoy the rising of the sun, some worlds even have multiple suns and thus multiple sun rises, yet my sky is forever only moon or starlit… And this because we have somehow fallen out of the circle.

I spent years trying to understand what happened, why we suddenly ceased to exist, in hope to use that knowledge to restore the daytime. My only clue is in the past; in Evermore… Unfortunately, reaching back into the circle and connecting with them isn’t like opening a portal to any other world or time. It takes an incredible amount of energy! I can only be in Evermore for a short time, and once my strength gives out, I and all whom I brought with me are thrust back to our respective worlds.

I have only managed to open a portal to Evermore twice, and twice, I have become more caught up in meeting childhood heroes than in actually accomplishing anything!

How foolish I felt! My people prided me on possessing the intellect of a mature leader, yet when in the presence of these legendary figures, I was but a starry-eyed child trying in vain to affect the lives of my heroes in some small way. I had given a Phoenix feather to Caderyn in hope of thwarting his corruption as The Fae King, and to no avail. It wasnt because the feather’s healing properties were annulled by the darkness of Lore, but rather because I had gotten it from a phoenix outside the aforementioned circle of reality. The virtue of the bird was not present on the astral plane where I had brought it… Or so I assume.. For this very reason I withheld revealing the magic properties of Faldo’s gift, lest I tell him what it could do in my world and he find it empty of any such power.

I could punch myself for the way I had given that gift as well! It had been meant to thank The Lantern Bearer for an act of kindness he had performed in my past, but in his time, he had not yet done so. Further still, I could not be sure he ever would since our timelines were seperate. I’m sure he probably thought my actions beyond confusing.

Even so, I have plans to return. I must find The Day..

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