Chapter 1: Leaving behind the Hallow

Logan Brown was known throughout the small town for his petty mischief. His mother had taught him the art of sneaking up on people from a young age. His father vanished years ago and Logan had no memory of him. He was well known for stealing gold coins from the people. Of course he gave the always coin back. He loved to explore and brag to the pixies of his exploits in the Hallowed Glade right next to town. The Hallow, as it was called, protected the town from the Crimson, a hive mind that had turn the surrounding areas into a blood-filled wasteland. He was on his usual stroll to the pixies when Logan saw an oddity in the rainbow-leaved trees. It was a purple portal about as large as a door. This new portal instantly piked Logan’s interest. He had heard tales of portals to other worlds but had put them off as just tales. He cautiously approached the portal but by ill luck or fate, he tripped on a root of the pearly white trees and fell into the portal. 

When Logan came to his senses his first instinct was to look around see where on Terraria he was. He was in a forest with trees with a rock-white appearance. As he approached the trees he felt pain, as if his essence was being torn out from him. Logan tried to get out of the forest, not enjoying the pain of being close to these strange trees. He ran straight into a camp filled with people which he had never seen before. Logan walked to a man and asked where he was. The man, who introduced himself as Menel, said he was in Demacia right in the middle of a camp of the Great Mage Rebellion. Logan confusedly asked “What is Demacia?”

 Menel was very perplexed that this teen didn’t even know where he was. Menel replied “Demacia is a place, boy”. “I’ve never heard of a place in Terraria called Demacia,” Logan responded with a perplexed look on his face. Menel was now even more perplexed and brought Logan to the head of the camp, a powerful mage general known as Blaise. Upon hearing Logan’s odd tale Blaise answered a few of Logan’s questions. “You are in a world that we call Runeterra, the trees you saw are made of Petricite capable of draining and storing magic. It is often used by our enemy to enslave us mages and prevent us from dethroning the anti-mage regime.” 

Logan now a bit more informed on where he was inquired, “Is there a mage that can send me back home?” Blaise replied “There is one mage who may be able to help you. His name is Ryze, he roams the world collecting artifacts to prevent us from destroying each other. His skin is blue and I believe I know where he is heading next. However, I have a request before I send you to him. In your tale you mentioned you felt drained by the trees. I want to see your magic which would’ve caused you to be drained by the Petricite.” Logan didn’t know much magic besides being able to light places with pixie light or use it to silence his steps by using it as a platform. Logan then used as much Pixie Light as he could muster. A bright flash of pink light filled the room and Logan had vanished. The mage camp was confused and searched for Logan but couldn’t find him anywhere in the camp.

When Logan came to his senses he saw someone in a purple cloak tending a wound on his shoulder. I struggled before the stranger calmed me down. He introduced himself as Terrin Ironheart. Terrin did not remember anything of his past and was searching for a gem that would fit in his locket when he found Logan lieing on the ground with a gaping wouns in his shoulder. Logan frustrated with not knowing what had happened for the last hour yelled “Where in Terraria am I now?!” Terrin begin to calm Logan with magic. “I found you with a wound in your shoulder. I brought you back here to heal you, however, I have no clue what this ‘Terraria’ is but I guess we have some getting to know each other to do,” Terrin replied as he pulled out some bandages. 

Little did they know what friendship would be formed that night.

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