Chapter 2 – Nevermore

“Do you live here in Evermore?” asked a World Walker innocently, drawing closer to the fire by which I stood. It was the time of Aurora, December 16th, thus well into winter. The air was crisp and cold.

I smiled in amusement at the woman’s inquiry, pleased that I fit to some degree in this world of which I was not truly a part. “Not this Evermore, no.” I replied. That my home was neither of the current time period nor within the circle of reality seemed like inconsequential details to give to a stranger in passing, so I did not elaborate.

The poor woman echoed my words in confusion, then immediately turned her attention to a Light Elf who also stood nearby and repeated the question to her. The Light Elf smiled and replied in clear affirmation, leading to a conversation between the two. Since I knew that neither of them would acknowledge my presence any further, and I had already been by the fire for some time prior, I silently excused myself to muse on the explanation behind my response.

Had mine been an honest answer? In a sense, yes. I do live in Evermore– Or in some future version of it at least, though it is no longer known as ‘Evermore’.

…Strangely, it seemed as though the secret of my home and origin was somehow detectable that night, for only a short while later I was seated by another fire in the Evermore Gardens, across from His Majesty, King Otis. World Walkers showered the regal duck with adoration whilst his loyal bodyguard treated them according to the water fowl’s silent bidding. He was speaking with a World Walker called Blake, who had never been to Evermore before, when quite suddenly his attention turned to me. Perhaps I had been smiling a little too knowingly, for the guard asked if I had been to Evermore before and commented that I seemed like a person who knew more than I was letting on.

Later, when Faldo and I spoke of Lore and the consequences of dark magic which had not yet been paid, he also spoke of the future he could see that I could not… Then after a moment, looked directly at me and suggested that perhaps I had already seen.

…Indeed, I had.

Though my strength failed before the night was through and I was sent back to my own world and time, I could not shake the thrill within my heart. Was that what it felt like to be real? To exist? How could so many have referenced to my connection to Evermore as though they subconsciously knew it?

Once I regained energy enough to stand, I turned to the gardens. It was the same road I had walked a mere moment ago, yet what seemed like a moment was now countless years and a reality away. Everything was older, trees were taller, the town was bigger. Some buildings which ‘a moment ago’ had not existed, now stood weather worn and beaten by time. The garden seemed more like a small piece of Mythos now, due to the size and vitality of the plants!

I paused a moment to gaze at the sign over the gate. It is the same as it was ‘a moment ago’, except for the addition of a poorly carved wooden ‘N’, bound crudely beside the steel ‘E’. Only a single letter, one that does not even match the others, and I am reminded of where I am… Of who I am… Of the lie that Time whispers in my ear whenever I travel into the circle. I almost believed it this time, but it isn’t true..

We are a future of the currently existing Evermore, but one that is perhaps eternally unattainable to them.

We are Nevermore, because we are an Evermore that will never be.

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