Portals, according to a parasite.

Portals are mysterious things. Many think them caused by an magical imbalance of some sort, when just the opposite is true. Portals are the very embodiment of balance!

You see, every single world that ever is, ever was or ever will be exists together in one big mass known as The Space Time Continuum– Or what I call The Circle Of Reality. Yet despite their connection in this universal matter, the distance between them is immeasurable in order to maintain gravitational safety. It is possible to travel from one world to another, just as it is to travel from Point A to Point B on a map, assuming you had a means of travel that could withstand the variables of space; but even so it would take multiple lifetimes before reaching your destination through such means. Portals are natural occurrences that open and close like the gills of a fish because they are literally the manifestation of Space and Time breathing. When a person passes through a portal, they take a shortcut through the lungs of the universe, instead of having to take the long way across it’s chest. 

Picture, if you will, that the Space Time Continuum had a body like a human’s: If you look at an artistic rendering of a human’s lungs, you will see many paths, some of which are bigger than others. It is the same with portals. Enormous portals in space, known as black holes, are too powerful and would kill anyone who tried to pass through them. The type of portal we are most commonly familiar with is a planetary kind that allows for travel between worlds and the bestowal of the term “World Walkers”. There are many beings in Evermore which possess power great enough to forcefully close one of these portals, or even rip it from the cycle altogether! As you can imagine, doing anything of the sort will reap dire consequences because you have literally severed a means of getting air (or whatever it breathes) through the body of Space and Time. 

…But I digress.

What I am capable of doing is almost like a means of disrupting the balance as well, but one so small it is nearly imperceptible… And I come by it through honest methods. I am best described as a natural parasite to the universe. I make my own way from Point A to Point B by ripping through the fabric in whatever direction I choose. The paths I make are only large enough for one, namely myself, and are quickly mended by the natural healing process of the Space Time Continuum’s metaphorical body. As such, I am only able to stay in a world that is not my own for as long as I have the energy to defy the universe’s natural process.

Like the phases of the moon, I have periods where I can do it for a prolonged time and periods where I can barely do it at all. As far as returning to Evermore is concerned, I must be at my most powerful– My full moon phase –in order to do it, because Evermore is the one and only place that every single portal connects to. It is a union point, if you will.

Nevermore has somehow been severed from the aforementioned connection between all worlds that I mentioned earlier. It is not a part of The Space Time Continuum. I and all those who live with me do not exist, and yet we do, just not where we are supposed to… It’s very confusing and complicated. I only understand it as being what it is, without reason.

Thus is my understanding of portals. Others have different views of what they are and how they work, which is fine. This is how I understand it.

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