Chapter 4: In Which Aria Finds Her Mother Again

Aria walked down the cobblestone path through town finding her way to the Elven training grounds. It was odd to her to be walking around as she was not used to Evermore being a safe place to reside, but on the other hand, she enjoyed the fresh air and peaceful rumble of conversation; it was a pleasant change from the screams and groans that used to occupy the Evermore she used to know. She could barely remember the town of Evermore alive as when she had she was very young and that was many years ago. She only remembered seeing bits and pieces trying to look out the window, searching for her parents, before Cleo would pull her off the chair chastising her for her recklessness.

She barely even noticed the beauty of Evermore as she walked through the town. Tall stone buildings held up with strong wooden beams loomed above her on each side, the rusty gate of Evermore Garden’s stood firm, and grass and dirt brought vibrant colors across the land as Aria passed, noticing none of it. A million thoughts were running through her mind and her heart was racing faster than she could usually run but she willed herself forward, refusing to stop for a moment in fear she would turn around and go back.

She had set out, after a long debate with herself, to find and talk to her mother. She had been told that Vaella often could be found in this direction, so before she could stop herself, she set out to find her. “What am I doing,” she mumbled to herself, “What am I going to say? ‘Hi I’m your daughter from the future and I need your help?’ I shouldn’t even be talking to her.”

She cocked her head to the side as she stopped a few feet from a group, frowning slightly, seeing a few world walkers surrounding her Uncle Hal and shook her head, “I don’t know if I’ll ever understand these odd creatures.”

Hal was not her uncle by blood but was one of Vaella’s oldest and most trusted friends. Aria didn’t see him often as a child, she saw him even less than she saw her parents, but when he did come to visit, he always gave her the biggest hug as he slipped a treat into her hands before leaving.

Aria decided he would be a good place to start, he would know where her mother was. She took a deep breath and walked up to him when the odd creatures left, “Hello, I’m looking for Vaella,” she nervously wrung her hands, a sudden feeling of sickness overcoming her.

Hal smiled at her, “Oh, I just saw her not too long ago. Ah, there she is over there.”

Aria looked the way he pointed and felt her heart stop for a moment before banging in her chest even more. Her mother was talking to a few of the world walkers and tears sprung to her eyes as she saw her mother stand with her bow propped against her foot as she spun it around a few times. Aria used to always sneak around the corner when her mother was home and talking to people and watch her spin her bow around, it was as familiar to Aria as her own breath. Once, her mother had walked away, talking to her father, and Aria raced over picking up the bow that was taller than she was, and tried to spin it like her mother did. A clatter brought her parents racing into the room only to find Aria on the ground, the bow on top of her.

Aria could still hear her parent’s laughter in her mind as she watched her mother talk. She felt frozen in place; she never thought she would see her mother again and now here she was, not twenty feet away. She looked the same as Aria remembered her, although she was clearly younger than she remembered and instead of a braid, Vaella wore her long brown hair down, a few wisps falling over her face gently. The world walkers waved goodbye leaving and Vaella turned and began walking away in the opposite direction. Before Aria could even register what she was doing, she ran after her at an elven speed, not caring to hide her magical agility, and caught up to her easily.

“Wait!” Vaella turned around and smiled at Aria and Aria stopped in her tracks frozen once more, her mouth immediately dry and her hands clammy and shaking, “Uhh…” Aria had spent night after night closing her eyes as tight as she could and making sure she could remember what her mother and father looked like. Vaella was more beautiful than Aria remembered, and she stood with leadership and poise. Aria wanted to reach out and touch her to make sure she was real.


“Is there something I can help you with?” Vaella looked at Aria as the silence continued to stretch.

“You don’t know who I am.” Aria frowned both disappointed and relieved at the same time as she thought about what that meant. She couldn’t place exactly where she was in time, however, talking to Vaella confirmed Aria had indeed not been born yet and the Fae King had not yet destroyed Evermore.

“Uhh no, can’t say I do. We haven’t met yet have we? I am Vaella, leader of the Ranger Guild, and you are?” Aria panicked not knowing whether to say her name or not and Vaella frowned, “Are you quite alright?”

Aria nodded, still staring at her mother, “Yeah, I… I don’t know what my name is?”

Vaella looked at her with surprise, “You don’t know your, what? Have you lost it?”

Aria began to panic inside, overwhelmed by her mother being so near and the questions running through her mind and backed away slowly, “I-I have to go now.”

Vaella propped the bow against her boot, spinning it in her hand, and nodded, clearly very confused, “Okay then. Let me know if you find your name.”

“It’s Aria,” Aria took one last look at her mother, fighting the urge to hug her tight and never let go again, then she ran away as fast as she could and hid behind a building, away from the bustle of the streets. She shook her head, frustrated with herself, and took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, “‘I don’t know what my name is’, that was brilliant.” Aria didn’t know what telling Vaella her name would do but she knew it wouldn’t matter if she kept it from her or told her if her theory was right about being years in the past.

She wiped her hands on her pants, trying to keep her hands from shaking, and tried to slow the panicked thoughts in her mind. She had been given strict orders on what to do when she entered Evermore. She was to alert Kyrah of the danger they faced in Votum and work with her to try to find a solution and re-open to portal to her home, bringing all the help she could find. She was ordered to return to Votum immediately if anything went wrong, however, nothing was said if the portal opened too far into the past. When the portal was opened to Evermore, it was thought and meant to open a few days to possibly years before the dark night occurred, however, it was not suspected to open so far into the past that Kyrah would not know about Votum or the magic that surrounded the place. Votum did not exist at this time and Aria did not have a plan or a way to go back home; she was stuck in Evermore and worse, stuck in time.

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  1. I love this series! The amount of detail you give to each of the character’s descriptions and the life-like interactions between the characters in the story take me back. I know almost immediately which season in Evermore the story is set, just based on the character’s dress-ware!
    The intimate relationship between Aria and her mother is also so inspiring that I just have to ask, are you of any relation to the actress who plays Vaella at the park?

    1. This makes me so happy! I’m glad you like the story! The actress behind Vaella and I are friends! That’s all, no relation 🙂