Chapter 6: In Which Aria Reveals Her Identity

Aria had been in Evermore for quite some time now and was quickly getting the hang of life in the past. She spent most of her time with Kyrah, afraid of being close to her mother, and realizing Kyrah did not have her magic, she wanted to help her get it back as soon as possible, hoping that perhaps if she had all her magic, she would know how to help Aria. When she was young, Kyrah used to always be around Aria’s home. She was the most powerful sorceress Evermore had, and she used her magic well. Her protection spells around the houses were the only thing keeping the darkbloods from entering Evermorian homes and infecting them.

Aria enjoyed Kyrah’s company and whenever she was around Aria would tug on her, begging her to show her some magic. Vaella scolded her often, “Aria, leave Kyrah alone for a minute, she’s very weak.

Kyrah often had to work hard fortifying the barriers surrounding the homes as well as her much needed work on finding a new home for the Evermorians to escape into. The magic users of Evermore were spread thin throughout the town, and with the darkness growing beyond the town’s control, they were growing weaker as they were forced to use more and more of their precious magic and energy to fight back.

Kyrah was often seen at the Longborn residence with Vaella as they talked over many important things, and most meetings held in the house happened in the back room, away from Aria’s tiny ears; it was there they walked to now. Kyrah looked pale and tired, her face almost translucent with exhaustion, but she turned around and smiled at Aria, wriggling her fingers as tiny sparks shot from them and danced around Aria, red, blue, green, and yellow sparks illuminating her face.

Aria giggled and tried to catch them as Vaella sighed, “Kyrah.”

Kyrah winked at Aria and turned back to Vaella, “What? Your child is adorable, I can’t help it.”

“What are you smiling at?” Kyrah looked at Aria who was sitting at the table beside her and Aria looked up at her, no longer lost in her thoughts of the past.

“Hmm? Nothing. It’s nothing.” Aria smiled at Kyrah.


“Oh, right, nothing. I believe that.” Kyrah shook her head, smiling at Aria, then turned her attention to the set of world walkers that were surrounding the table.

Aria smiled, wishing she could tell Kyrah who she was, and excused herself, leaving the tavern, and walked down the path towards the Elven Rangers. The stone path hugged the edge of the forest where the darkbloods had been gathered and forced to reside. The magic users of Evermore had put up a magical barrier around the area, keeping the darkbloods from roaming the streets, however, Aria had the knowledge that one day, these barriers would no longer work. Darkbloods hissed at her walking along the barrier but Aria paid them no mind, she had seen hundreds more than that when she was a child, she wasn’t afraid of five of them.

She reached the Ranger grounds and spotted her mother patrolling the edge of the wall near the dwarves’ burrow home. Before she could lose any more courage, she grabbed her mother by the arm and walked away from anyone who could hear, “I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

Vaella looked at her and followed, “Well hello to you too Aria. In rather a hurry tonight, are we? Did you finish your tasks for Ranger training?”

Aria’s parents had never had a chance to teach their daughter how to become a Ranger, so Aria had taken this opportunity here in Evermore to train with her mother, she had been completing training with her for some time and was easily climbing the ranks, although trying hard not to show her elven qualities.

“It’s not about that,” Aria sat down on a bench and Vaella sat next to her confused. Before she lost her nerve she jumped right into explaining who she was, “This is going to sound odd, but I can’t keep it from you any longer, I have to tell you the truth.” Aria had fought with herself ever since coming to Evermore on whether she should tell her mother who she was or not. She knew the dangers of telling someone about the future, however, Aria knew Vaella was smart. She would figure it out sooner rather than later, and Aria did not want Vaella to think she had been lying to her all this time. Aria proceeded to tell her everything about the dark night, the new portal, and Vaella being separated from her daughter, many years later, her daughter now having returned to Evermore.

Vaella listened only interrupting when Violet was mentioned, “Violet knows already? You told the Mayor before me?” Vaella frowned not certain how Mayor Atkinson could keep something like this from her.

Aria nodded, “Yeah, I told her two nights ago. She said she was going to tell you, but she hasn’t been here. So, I decided to.”

Vaella stared at Aria then said carefully, “You’re being rather calm about all of this.”

Aria looked at her mother, still not allowing herself to get too close to her as she was afraid of becoming emotionally attached to her mother and not doing what she was here to do, and nodded, “Yeah, I guess, you’re being rather calm yourself.”

Vaella watched Aria for a moment then sighed, “Not that I suspected this, but you are much different from the world walkers and you are rather good at Elven training, much too good though I see you try to hide it. I knew something was going on but I never would have guessed this,” Vaella looked up at Aria who now was standing and frowned slightly, trying to wrap her mind around it.

Vaella put her hand on Aria’s arm and Aria once again felt the urge to hug her mother and forget everything she was supposed to be doing. Instead, she nervously backed away, “Well, now you know. So, I must go now, we will talk later okay?” She then ran away as fast as she could swallowing all of her emotions, leaving her mother very confused, staring at her as she left her behind.

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