Ben & Ophelia’s Fall Harvest Moon Social Dance Extravaganza

Despite the encroaching darkness, Ben and Ophelia brought a dose of much-needed light to the town their First Ever Dance Extravaganza!

The Acting Troupe spent the early hours of the evening teaching World Walkers the dance and asking them to teach other Evermorians. Spontaneous dances erupted all across town throughout the evening as different World Walkers and Evermorians taught large crowds of people how to do the dance. Of course, everyone was to be invited back to the Town Square at 9:15 pm for the dance.

There was a great turnout and the event was very popular. I’ve made a video of the highlights, and you’ll want to make sure you watch Zhodi throughout. He was the best – and his antics became especially entertaining toward the end of the dance.

Unfortunately, not everyone was a fan of such merriment.

Professor Edgar Beaumont watched the entire thing from his perch on the bench. You can see him periodically in the background of the video. Afterward, he was very upset about the whole ordeal (and perhaps a bit drunk, although that’s unconfirmed). As he observed, All the of the hunters were here! No one was out at the barrier! I mean, with it not working properly, you would think patrols would need to increase but no, everyone wastes their bloody time on a dance.”

“Of course, no one will share my opinion,” he grumbled, “They’ll just say ‘why not? Why not just dance? Why not just forget all of our problems?’ Because your problems will still be there. All you’re doing is wasting time.” 

As he pointed out to a group of nearby World Walkers, physical touch is the easiest way to transmit the Darkblood Plague. If any of the dancers were infected, it would quickly spread the disease throughout the town… so it’s definitely something to consider before we participate in future dances!

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  1. Oh I love it I miss you guys so much I feel like that was more home then here … keep up the great work Nicole & David