Darkbloods Infect Everyone: Evermore Week in Review (10/23-28)

As the Lore season approaches its end, there has been a whirlwind of activity within the park.


Kyrah and Wen Weaver remember each other.

The evening began with Kyrah and Wen feuding over something. Wen threw a fireball at Kyrah, and Kyrah brandished a sword. However, Zhodi soon intervened. He performed an act of magic on them that helped them remember each other. Apparently, they were good friends who helped close the portals 1,000 years ago!


Kyrah and Wen protect the town with runes.

Now that they remembered one another, they worked together to assist the town. World Walkers assisted them by drawing runes along the wall.

Sergeant Peter helps save Sir Arawn.

Just minutes before closing, Sergeant Peter solved the mystery and was able to locate Sir Arawn’s sword. He dug it up near Louden’s Rest (with Mortimer’s consent and supervision). When they delivered it, something quite unexpected happened…


Vaella reports to the Mayor.


When the Mayor returned to town on Thursday, Vaella informed her of all the recent events in the town. It was a long, long list of events…

The Quarantine Area is a very busy place…

The Quarantine Zone was a very busy place on Thursday. First, Ser Kilyrie confronted Hal about his actions and Sir Arawn said something very interesting…

Afterward, Piper helped soothe Sir Arawn with a song…

The Acting Troupe also came to the area to visit Piper. They made sure not to get too close, though.

To improve morale, Piper also hosted a dance near the Quarantine Zone.

The Guilds reclaim the tavern… and Suds gives a meaningful speech. 

The guilds, with the exception of the Blackhearts, worked together to reclaim the tavern on Thursday evening.

Afterwards, Suds gave a speech that everyone needs to hear.


Nightshade and Hal start working together on a cure. 

As much as Nightshade does not like Hal, he recognized that they needed to work together to find a solution.

Maxwell Morgan is arrested for the murders of Ben and Lilly.

Ben and Lilly can finally take comfort in the fact that their murders have been solved. It was Maxwell all along!

Oliver is infected. 

Oliver became infected trying to help Piper. Listen to his tragic tale in his own words in this video.

Maxwell confesses to 16 murders over the last 6 years. 

While imprisoned, Maxwell boasted about committing 16 murders over the last 6 years!

Droch’s memories are restored by Wen, Kyrah and Zhodi.

Wen, Kyrah, and Zhodi combined their power to restore Droch’s memory. His transformation was immediate! Check it out in this video.

Tip Top becomes infected. 

Late in the evening, it was reported that Tip Top had become infected. Professor Beaumont picked up a piece of Tip Top and became infected as a result.


Cecily confronts Maxwell about his crimes. 

A group of World Walkers helped Cecily work up the courage to confront Maxwell about his crimes.

Wisteria and Haruki pledge themselves to the Darkness.

I don’t know what they’re after… but they have decided to work against Evermore.

Ariadne gathers a darkblood army. 

Ariadne prowled around town, gathering darkbloods for an attack against Evermore.

Ariadne leads an attack on town center. 

Same thumbnail, different video. I promise this one’s worth a watch, as well.


Only a few uninfected survivors remain.

When we walked through the gates of Evermore on Monday evening, only a few survivors remained. Thick lines of runes were drawn on both sides of town center to protect the town from the darkness.

Nightshade is coordinating the war strategy from the town council pergola. 

Nightshade is coordinating Evermore’s defenses. He has a makeshift map of the town and is coordinating the best places to hide the survivors. He is also helping to coordinate supply runs and other needs.

Wikam and William return to Evermore.

William and Wikam were both trapped inside the moon gate early Monday. Gudrun freed them with thread magic, after which they were able to freely wander. By the end of the night, they had a makeshift treatment for people who had just recently become infected.

Zhodi restores Lilly’s voice.

With the help of some World Walkers, Zhodi was able to see Lilly and restore her voice.

Darkbloods sing the creepiest shanties ever.

As the Darkbloods pressed through the runes into town square, the magic users held them at bay. The darkbloods sang the creepiest shanties ever, though.

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