Dragons and Dmitri: A Summary of Mythos 2019

Mythos 2019 brought many mysteries and few resolutions. Mystery and contention reigned throughout Mythos 2019. With the sudden appearance of Syladross, a dragon, in the mausoleum, many of the disagreements rose over how to handle the presence of dragons in the town.

Syladross arrived in the mausoleum.

A large dragon named Syladross arrived in the mausoleum. Something about the magical energy melted the pile of gold around him and he has been in a deep comatose-like sleep ever since. Jardani said it was a coma but I am not sure if that is canonical. Someone, usually Gudrun, has bee present in the mausoleum every day to watch over him.

SyladrossLater in the season, Jardani performed a reading in the mausoleum at my request. He determined that something is draining Syladross’ life force. Although Jardani did not find a tether or anchor for Dmitri, he said that you can never rule out Dmitri as a suspect.

Dragon Trainers vs. Basically Everyone Else

The Dragon Trainers, of course, are dedicated to the preservation and care of dragons above everything else. They were naturally very concerned for Syladross’ safety.

When the Elven Rangers came through the Mythos portal, Aidan recognized Vaella as a veteran of the Dragon Purge. He was very concerned with her presence in the town, especially with Syladross asleep in the mausoleum. Vaella insisted that she would not harm a peaceful dragon. However, she once assured me that it would take only two Rangers to defeat a dragon.

The Dragon Trainers were also very suspicious of Sephtis, the executioner, and the Blackheart Hunters.

Miss Atkinson’s barn burns under mysterious circumstances.

Although Violet never looked inside her barn, it appears that it was used to smuggle goods. The barn burned with blue-green flames and had other mysterious markings. You can learn more about the barn fire here.

Maxwell admitted to stealing a chest from the barn about a week before the fire but insisted he was with Lady Grey on the night the barn burned.

On the last day of Mythos, it was revealed that Gudrun, the historian, caused the fire while under the influence of a mind-control potion.

Professor Beaumont’s house was burglarized.

A few weeks after the barn fire, someone broke into Professor Beaumont’s house. They stole his notes on blood magic and all of the gold he’d saved for his academy. You can read more about the burglary here.

On the last day of Mythos, it was revealed that Maxwell, the leader of the acting troupe, was responsible for the burglary while under the influence of a mind-control potion.

Evermore decides to elect a Mayor.

With all of the commotion and contention, the Evermorians decided that it was time to elect a Mayor and establish a government.

World Walkers who demonstrated a certain level of knowledge and familiarity with the town were encouraged to nominate candidates. The race progressed as the lowest performing candidates were periodically removed from the race. The final four contenders were Violet Atkinson, Ser Kilyrie, Tip Top and Suds. On the final night of Mythos, Violet was confirmed the winner of the mayoral race. You can read more about it all here. 

The One True Government of Evermore claims authority.

When discussions of free elections began, the One True Government of Evermore claimed authority. They essentially took over the postal service by searching mail that was being sent to or from Evermore. Some recipients would receive a letter from the One True Government, notifying them that their parcel had been seized by the One True Government.

We don’t know exactly who the One True Government is, but we do know that Lady Grey is involved. On the last day of Mythos, she received a letter from them saying that her services were no longer required. 

Dragon Trainers steal dragon eggs from Sephtis.

This suspicion grew to an outright feud when Sephtis placed a mounted dragon head prominently on the wall of the tavern. Sephtis also procured some dragon eggs from the black market. The Dragon Trainers were irate at this, because they felt that all dragon eggs should be in their care. As a result, Ina stole the eggs and Kaida was arrested.

Sephtis is arrested for double homicide.

When the Dragon Trainers returned from the forest with evidence that Sephtis may have been involved in the burglary, Ozymandias had no choice but to confront the executioner. It seemed that Sephtis was able to satisfy the inquiry until Lady Grey accused him of murdering her parents. As a result, Sephtis was arrested and later sentenced to death by the One True Government. 

Ser Kilyrie wants to stop Lore before it starts.

Ser Kilyrie takes her vows to protect the town seriously. While Sephtis was being arrested, Sir Kilyrie and Jardani conspired together to travel into Lore to confront the darkness. Ser Kilyrie later assured me that this was her idea. They had not acted on this idea as of the end of Mythos.

Dmitri is everywhere.

To understand the drama with Dmitri, you must first understand that Jardani is basically an immortal spirit known as a Body Snatcher. He takes control of the bodies of others until the end of that body’s natural life, and then he moves to another. Jardani claims that he only possesses the bodies of evil men who would do terrible deeds if left on their own.

Dmitri was, apparently, one such terrible man. Jardani took over his body but did not realize that Dmitri was a Vampyre. According to Professor Beaumont, Dmitri is an energy-sapping vampyre known as a stragoi. Either way, Dmitri was able to fight back against Jardani’s control and reclaim his body. Many World Walkers mistakenly refer to the body as Jardani’s, but Jardani originally stole it from Dmitri. It’s complicated.

I missed many of the early events that transpired with the Jardani-Dmitri dilemma. If someone would send me videos of the relevant tableaus, I would greatly appreciate it! 

Eventually, Dmitri was forced out the body and splintered into five pieces. The five pieces were embedded in other Evermorians and were very difficult to track down. Because the removal process is so damaging to the host, absolute proof was required before removal could be attempted.

One piece was found in Rooster. When Jardani removed it, he “went a little too far” (in his words) and removed all of the darkness from Rooster’s personality. The slick-talking merchant suddenly transformed into an innocent, child-like and generous person. It was unfortunate for his business, because he confessed that he mostly sells “rubbish.”

Another piece was found in Cleo. When Jardani confronted her, she sang a haunting melody that she later could not recall. After Jardani cast the piece out of her, he told Aiyana that she had “served [him] well.” On his way out of the tavern that evening, he told the World Walkers that they should flee. He said, “There’s a storm coming… a storm that will wash us all away.”

Maxwell and Ozymandias were also possessed by a piece of Dmitri. When Ozymandius attempted to remove the piece in Maxwell, Ozy interfered. Jardani ended up removing both pieces at the same time. At the conclusion of this, Dmitri regained control of the body.

Caderyn is inevitably changing into the Fae King.

Although Caderyn returned to Evermore completely healed from the effects of the last Lore season, he inevitably succumbed to the same darkness by the end of Mythos 2019. His wreath slowly morphed into a horned crown. By the last night of Mythos, his skin had become a hardened bark.

Kyra, the fairy princess, is not a fairy at all.

When Caderyn ordered the fairies to return through the Mythos portal before it closed, he also informed Kyra that is not actually a fairy at all. She is, in fact, an Auroran – one of four sisters who worked together to close the portals a thousand years ago. In order for their efforts to be effective, each of the sisters had to seal themselves behind one of the portals.

When Kyra awoke afterward, she had lost her memories. Caderyn remembered how she had always said she wished she could be as carefree as the fairies, so he lied. He told her that he was the oldest and wisest of the fairies, and crowned her the fairy princess. He did not expect the portals would ever be opened again and he didn’t want her to live with the pain of losing her family.

He only revealed the truth to her at this time because he wanted her to stay in Evermore and meet her family again.

Kyra was furious at this revelation. She shoved her crown at him and fled. As she strode away, Jardani warned, “Be careful! Your mind will unravel.”

On the last night of Mythos, Kyra crowned Imelda as the new fairy princess at the “Fairy-Well” farewell ceremony.

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