Edgar Beaumont’s Burglary

Professor Edgar Beaumont

Shortly after the barn fire, someone broke into Edgar Beaumont’s house. They stole his research pertaining to blood magic and all of the gold he had raised for his academy.

There was no damage to his house, but some people reported seeing a blue light inside.

Pebbles claims that Ina may have been involved.

Pebbles the troll claims to have seen Ina in the vicinity of Edgar Beaumont’s house that night. Right after she told me about this, though, she added an important disclaimer. Pebbles really, really does not like dragons, so she may be biased against the dragon trainers.

When asked about this, Ina admitted she was taking a walk in that area but insists she was not involved in the burglary in any way.

Some have speculated that Edgar’s gold was used to bail out the dragon trainers.

I originally suspected that Edgar’s stolen gold may have been the same gold that was used to pay the Dragon Trainer’s bail. When I asked Edgar if this may be true, he laughed. He made it clear that he did not have that much gold.

It appears that mind control potion may be involved.

It appears that Maxwell may have been responsible for the burglary but he was under the influence of a mind control potion at the time…. so the question remains: Who was REALLY behind the burglary?

Did we miss any details?

Let us know in the comments or forums!

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