Evening in Review 1/18: Svani is alive, Sephtis is judge and more

Tonight in Evermore, a few unexpected characters returned… including the previously murdered Frost Lord, Svanliefr.

Sephtis narrated the train ride.

It may not seem important but my teenager, Xanderax, is absolutely devastated that he missed this.

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World Walkers begin the tasks to join the Wolves of Winter.

Unfortunately, if you were not in the park tonight, you will not have the chance to join the Wolves of Winter. You have to attend the park EVERY Saturday (tonight, the 25th, the 1st and the 8th) and complete the required tasks in order to join the Wolves.

Tonight’s tasks involved finding five chalk runes around the park for Sitly and carrying bales of hay for Yrsa.

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The runes were located in the following positions:

  • On a barrel in town square
  • On the side of the tavern by the tables
  • On the side of a barrel by the ranger’s pergola
  • On the side of the archery range, by the pathway
  • On a pillar in the ruins

Svanliefr is ALIVE!

A few weeks ago, Svanliefr was murdered… but now, he is alive! It was revealed that Frost Lords can create new bodies. According to Sora, the eldest, Svani sculpts the bodies in advance so the Frost Lords have a stockpile of extra bodies in Aurora.

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The Acting Troupe presents the Vinter Hex.

Piper heard about an Auroran legend called the Vinter Hex. The Frost Lords wouldn’t tell her about it, so she learned about it from the Elves of Light. The Acting Troupe presented a slightly modified version of this tale at their 7:30 pm show.


It’s worth noting that this show was announced in the Evermore Gazette, which was for sale in the mercantile. If you want to know what in-park events to watch for, be sure to buy a copy of the Gazette at the beginning of the evening! (It has concession coupons, too!)

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World Walkers delivered flowers to Imelda.

A group of concerned World Walkers brought flowers to Imelda to cheer her up. She has been struggling with many things, including insomnia, and looked even more exhausted than usual tonight.

Sephtis is appointed to be the interim judge of Evermore.

Yes, he will be the judge and the executioner.

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Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Svani offered an olive branch to the elves of light. He told them that he understood how they had suffered and offered them protection. They were, unsurprisingly, not very receptive.