Evening in Review 1/25: Ginley is Innocent, Wolf Trials Continue, Etc.

It was a historic evening in Evermore as the town held a formal trial for Miss Ginley, the Auroran who once enslaved the Elves of Light and mind-controlled the town through the use of pie. She caused a lot of havoc.

And yeah, Uriah, I said CAUSED, despite your objections.

The Wolves held their third and fourth trials.

World Walkers who want to join the Wolves of Winter were invited to participate in two more trials. Tonight’s trials were administered by Estagan and Revnal.

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Estagan’s trial required World Walkers to prove their ability to defend themselves. Oliver, Jasper and Estagan threw balls at World Walkers who had to use Estagan’s shield to deflect the attack.

Revnal’s trial tested the World Walker’s memory. World Walkers were shown a spread of items for six seconds, and then had to recall ten of the items they had seen.

Ginley is declared innocent of murder. All other charges were dropped.

Ginley faced four charges during her trial. One for kidnapping Sykes, one for enslavement of the Elves, one for mind-controlling the town and one for the murder of Svani.

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The charge of kidnapping was dismissed because Sykes was serving as prosecution. It was not appropriate for him to pursue the charge himself and he acknowledged it.

The charge of enslavement, regarding the Elves of Light, was dismissed because the enslavement began in Aurora. The slavery was established outside of Evermore’s jurisdiction.

The charge of mind-control was dismissed because, honestly, I don’t know. My mind was spinning by this point and I guess you’ll have to wait for the video, which should be uploaded soon.

The only charge that was not dismissed was the charge of murder. Uriah, representing Ginley, argued that she could not be held responsible for the murder of Svani because he is alive. Sykes contended that they have a corpse, so murder is established.

A jury of twelve World Walkers was allowed to make this decision, and they found her INNOCENT.

And as much as I may object to this ruling, I will probably have a total conniption fit if I hear another person yell “OBJECTION!”

The Coven celebrated the Lunar New Year.

The Coven held a Lunar New Year celebration at the end of the night. They said good riddance to the bad luck of last year and welcomed the new.

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