Evening in Review 1/4: The Frost Lords Come to Evermore

It was an eventful evening in Evermore… with new arrivals and a few murders.

Town Council, Where Kyra Warns of Frost Lords

A town council meeting was held at 6:00 where Kyra informed everyone what she had found when she had flickered. Kyra said that the Frost Lords were on their way to Evermore, the Frost Lords being the rulers of Aurora. The Wolves were upset and said that the Frost Lords were behind the war that wiped out the clans. Kyra found evidence of her family and it seems that they were also wiped out by the Frost Lords. The Light Elves were taken into hiding to keep them safe from the Frost Lords.

The Frost Lords Arrive

There was much trepidation has Evermorians and World Walkers alike gathered around the gates neat the portal waiting for the Frost Lords. Out of the darkness emerged six figures, four seemingly covered in frost. The other two were familiar: Gafruk and Ginley. The Frost Lords had brought these outlaws of Evermore has a show of good faith and to turn them over to justice.

Gafruk is Dead

Justice was demanded but the ways of Evermore and the ways of the Wolves differed. The Wolves demanded immediate justice or the death of Gafruk and Ginley, and those of Evermore wanted to see a fair trial. Standing at the gates near the Aurora portal, both parties agreed to a quick trial. Ginley offered information in exchange for her life and the knights were charged to watch her, but Gafruk was sentenced to death. He was taken from the crowd and the Wolves soon returned shouting that Gafruk was dead.


The Frost Lords were allowed entrance into Evermore and soon went about exploring the town. Zhodi was kind to show them through the catacombs but upon exiting they were shouted at by the Wolves that they were not welcome there.

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