Evening in Review (12/15): Svani Attacks Ulf-Drott, Gjakull is Back & More

It was an intense and emotional night in Evermore this evening.

New pie!

There was a pineapple snobbery pie at the concession stands tonight. It was delicious!

Svani attacked Ulf-Drott.

Sora met with the Wolves in the Ruins to discuss their plans to take down her mother. Her siblings entered the Ruins. Svani disagreed with Sora’s decision and Ulf-Drott approached him. Svani grabbed his beck and used hydromancy. As a result, Ulf-Drott is freezing from the inside out and has icicles forming inside him.

Svani expressed remorse for this and intends to go to Aurora to ask his mother, Italessa, for help.

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Scholars learn to play catch.

The Scholars wanted to try something they’d never done before. I suggested they heal a Wolf… but they didn’t want to do anything that would have an effect. So we taught them to play catch instead.

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Tethers are used to reach Jardani.

Many World Walkers brought tethers to Jardani. Miri, Caderyn, Imelda, Zhodi and Sykes participated in a ritual to contact Jardani. They thought they could see him but realized that the person they saw was actually Demetri… and that Demetri was after Badger!

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Gjakull was restored.

Zhodi, Caderyn, Imelda and Wen helped restore Badger’s memory. World Walkers assisted with meaningful memories and by contributing their energy in a chant.

The restoration was successful, but depressing. Kyrah quickly informed Gjakull that everyone he knew was dead and sight his help reclaiming the throne. Gjakull wasn’t entirely thrilled that his memory was restored.

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Ozymandias and Ro had a fight.

Ozymandias and Ro had a serious disagreement. At one point, she raised her hand to strike him but Ozymandias caught her arm.

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Did wee miss anything? Let us know!

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