Evening in Review 12/21: Snow Games, Solstice Celebrations and More

The town participated in the Snow Games and celebrated the Solstice. It was a fairly quiet evening as the town attempted to recover from the effects of the Pie.

Father Christmas arrived in town.

Some genuine holiday cheer arrived in town when Father Christmas made his appearance!

The Wolves participated in a Town Council Meeting.

The Wolves of Winter joined the rest of the town in Vander’s Keep for a meeting about the state of the town. Mayor Violet opened the council since Sykes was unable to do so.

During the meeting, the Wolves of Winter explained that all World Walkers had been returned to outsider status because Ulf-Drott is the alpha of the pack. When the Alpha isn’t there, the Beta makes decisions. However, when the Alpha returns, all the Beta’s decisions are void until the Alpha decides for himself. Thus, all Karej’s decisions are invalid.

The Wolves also announced that they would host Snow Games as a cultural exchange.

The Snow Games were fun for everyone…

The town participated in the Snow Games. This video shows the announcement of the games, as well as the announcement of the winners.

…except it appears they may have been a cover-up.

Some World Walkers reported that elves were brought into the Mausoleum before a council of Wolves. This apparently happened during the Snow Games, so some Evermorians felt like this was an attack on the Elves of Light.

You can find information about that here.

The Coven celebrated the Winter Solstice.

Wen Weaver led a ceremony for the Winter Solstice.

An Elf offers to help the Wolves of Winter.

She brought a list of strengths and weaknesses for Humbug, Gafruk, Ginley and herself. She claimed that she included her weaknesses as a show of faith.


In exchange for her efforts, Ulf-Drott granted her a continuance of animation and did not immediately kill her.

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