Evening in Review 12/23: The Confectionery is Sold to the Werthers!

The Werthers finally bought the Confectionery! What other news do you NEED?! (Truly, though, it was a relatively calm and peaceful night in Evermore.)

The Snow Games continued.

The Snow Games continued for another night. We have extensive video of this that we’re still editing.

The Copper Confectionery is sold for 2,500 gold.

Henry and Marzi Werther successfully purchased the Copper Confectionery for the reduced price of 2,500 gold.

Sykes is continuing his recovery in Vander’s Keep.

Sykes suffered a broken femur when Gafruk attacked him during the confrontation between the Elves and Wolves. He is recovering in Vander’s Keep, under the watchful eye of Dr. Marsh.

Ophelia is leaving Evermore.

As we were leaving, Ophelia informed us that it was her last night in Evermore. She said that she would be travelling the world with Ben, hopefully starting in Paris.

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