Evening in Review 12/27: A New Curse, Help for Zhodi and More!

New problems arose in town on the evening of December 27th. Here’s what we know so far.

The Rangers are the winners of the Snow Games.

The Wolves of Winter brought the Snow Games to a close. The Rangers were declared the official winners and it appears that the Wolves now recognize Vaella as the Alpha of Evermore.

Evermorians cannot speak in certain areas of town.

There are certain areas in old town where Evermorians lose their ability to speak. The area allegedly runs from the crossroads to the ruins and burrows, all the way up into the crypts. I wasn’t there personally, but the area described sounds similar to the haunt area during Lore.

Once the Evermorians leave that part of town, they regain their ability to speak normally. They just can’t speak in the affected area.

Roe can still speak normally. She is unaffected.

Filander had an exciting night.

Filander received a letter from Ozymandias. Although the letter was vague, Filander explained that the Inspector helped his father get reinstated. Apparently, the feud between Maxwell’s father and Violet’s father also affected Filander’s family. Ozymandias sorted it out and now Filander’s father is able to work again.

Filander was also hired by Madame Daughtry to teach French. He says he doesn’t have to sleep in the catacombs any more!

The Coven reaches out to Kyrah.

Kyrah flickered out of town a while ago and still has not returned. The Coven attempted to reach out to her with a divination spell. They used the ring that Kyrah had made for Jasper because it was imbued with Kyrah’s magic. Miri was able to see through Kyrah’s eyes, so she knows that Kyrah is in a place with lots of snow. She couldn’t escape and had found something that was upsetting to her. The general assumption is that she is in Aurora but they do not know when.

Donovan enacted a plan to help Zhodi.

As Audrey reported, Donovan approached several World Walkers with a way that they may be able to help Zhodi.

First, they needed to have Imelda or Caderyn imbue an object with magic. Then, the objects were placed in Zhodi’s singing bowl to charge them.


After that, they had to find anyone who at the gummies made with Zhodi’s sugar and ask what their most painful memories were. The intent was to have them relive the painful memories that they would’ve felt without the gummies so that they could pay back the price that Zhodi had paid. When they were feeling the most emotion, the Evermorians had to sign their name on a piece of paper. Audrey reported that her group spent most of the night collecting those signatures.

The names were eventually placed in Zhodi’s singing bowl and returned to Zhodi. Donovan used magic to channel intent into the spell while Zhodi played the bowls.

He is apparently much happier and kinder now, although he still does not have his memories… although some of the other World Walkers have mentioned that he appears to be bouncing back and forth between Happy Zhodi and Unhappy Zhodi.

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