Evening in Review 12/28: Singing Curse, Suds’ Arrest and More!

It was an eventful night at Evermore on Saturday, 12/28! Here’s what you may have missed…

The Silence was lifted.

Whatever mysterious force was silencing the people of Evermore seemed to have abated. Early in the evening, the Evermorians were able to speak freely throughout the town.

When I spoke with certain people, I learned that the area affected by the Silence was not consistent. Cleo claimed she could speak by the Hunter’s Hovel but that none of the Blackhearts could.

Anara arrives in town.

A new mage named Anara arrived in town. She is thrilled to study with the Coven and is especially excited to work with Wen Weaver. She said she had traveled from another world for this opportunity.

The Tripaliaries try to see the Lore Portal.

Frank, Cornelius and Aurelian were working together to try to watch the moment when the Lore Portal was ripped from the cycle. They used pots and pans from the The Burrows to try to accomplish this but it didn’t seem to work.

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Suds was arrested for embezzlement.

Early in the night, I was informed by Ozymandias that Roe was taking the lead in a new investigation. Her father, Suds, was facing accusations of embezzlement from his new business partner, Dr. Marsh.

A few hours later, Ozymandias and Roe arrested Suds in the tavern. He was escorted to Nettleton Mill, where he was released after World Walkers gathered 50 gold pieces to pay his bail.

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After Suds’ release, Ozymandias informed us that Dr. Marsh had already submitted evidence and that Ozymandias was working with the crown to determine a sentence. He made it clear that he doesn’t think we’ll be able to avoid a guilty verdict in this case.

A Singing Curse appears in town.

Evermorians in a certain area of town were afflicted by some sort of Singing Curse. Whether or not they wanted to, they could only speak in song. They couldn’t hear themselves singing, but they could tell everyone else was singing.

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The area seemed restricted to the main road in the Old Town area. The effect was limited to the main pathway, between the railroad tracks by the aviary and Hunter’s Hovel. Whenever someone stepped on the grass, the stairs or an adjacent pathway, they could speak normally.

The singing also affected the Wolves and the Elves. It did not affect Roe, Frank, Cornelius or Aurelian.

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Filander received permission to tell Yrsa’s stories.

Filander is fascinated by the Wolves. He was afraid of them but then had an epic interaction that made him more friendly toward them.

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Later in the evening, he approached the Wolves of Winter and sought permission to tell their stories. The Packmaster was skeptical but gave him permission to tell the stories of Yrsa’s Clan, the Bears.

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The Wolves suspect Zhodi is responsible for the singing.

Ulfenia and the Wolves of Winter seem to think that either Zhodi or the Elves are responsible for the singing. When Ulfenia confronted Zhodi and asked if he had done this, he responded with “maybe.”

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It did not seem like he was singing in the affected area but other World Walkers reported that he was singing very slightly.

Zhodi recovers some of his memories.

It appears that Zhodi is recovering some of his memories. For example, he remembered Wen Weaver. However, his memories are not completely restored.

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Donovan is continuing to gather bad memories from residents in town to help Zhodi recover. He said this will be an ongoing process and he’s requesting World Walker assistance. You will need pen and paper in order to help.

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  1. I’m not sure if this happened later on in the evening but the Tripaliaries did eventually have some success with looking at the portal closing using their assortment of utensils. At least discovering who had been involved in it. Later still they tracked down Imelda and tried to convince her to tell them how it had been done, but Miri engaged them in a very circular debate about fate. The discussion ended inconclusively, but seriously saddened Imelda.