Evening in Review 12/30: Zhodi is Saved, Animal Sounds and More!

GUYS! ZHODI HAS BEEN RESTORED!!!! I’m so grateful to Audrey and all those who worked so diligently to save him.

World Walkers saved Zhodi.

Audrey reported that several World Walkers who were especially close to Zhodi were instructed to teach others what Zhodi had taught them. They spread his light, love and joy to everyone.

They also gathered more bad memories to continue Donovan’s spell. Tanamin explained that some people (*cough*Sir Arawn*cough*) were not channeling the proper intent into the spell.

Tanamin wrote, “The spell that Donovan has been trying on Zohdi required a bunch of Evermorian’s intent in order to help Zohdi recover. But there were some whose intent was not compatible with the spell because for whatever reason they resented Zohdi and did not want him to get better. So a bunch of us World walkers were dispatched to talk to the ones involved in the spell to make sure that their intent was in the right place. I was supposed to talk to Ser Arawn. He told me that part of him wanted Zohdi to get better, but another part of him wanted Revenge for what happened to Rooster. I told him that he had a decision to make, then: he’ll bring back someone who could benefit the entire community, or take his revenge for his fallen comrade. Ultimately he decided to give Zohdi a second chance, and send forth the right intent.”

Audrey also wrote, ” When we had the names, at the very end of the night, we found him and I started the group talking to him. I talked about what he’s taught me about self love and finding joy and being present and loving everyone, and told him how much we love him and we loved him before, and we love him now, and we will love who he chooses to be.

“We gave him the names and then Miranda started telling how much he’s helped her and loved her and how much she loves him, and Donovan has us keep talking and telling him all the things about loving him and what he’s taught us, and he put his hands to his head and sank to the ground.

“When he stood back up he was smiling and he remembered us all. Then there were tons of tears and hugging by absolutely everyone.”

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Animal noises replace the singing.

On Saturday, the singing replaced the silence. On Monday, animal noises apparently replaced the singing!

Tanamin described the event as similar to hiccups. Miri was meowing. Donovan was bleating like a sheep. Zhodi made bird sounds.

Marzi Werther is informed of the process to open the confectionery.

Ozymandias informed Marzi that she will need to undergo three inspects and acquire three permits at 50 gold each. She will need an additional 300 gold to open the confectionery.

In the meantime, her husband has traveled to London because he recently inherited the Werther Candy Factory. Henry is not expected to return for quite some time.

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