Evening in Review 12/31: New Years Eve

Photo by Jenica Lindy Schulz

Friends return

Zhodi boarded the train saying that he was looking for someone. During the ride he kept saying that he was nearby and they were getting close. They crossed a bridge and there, standing on top of the burrows was Jardani!

Some were very suspicious of him, believing that it might not be Jardani but Demitri who had returned.

GUYS! JARDANI WAS ON TOP OF THE BURROWS!Zhodi hopped aboard the train because he was looking for someone… he kept saying we were getting close… AND THEN THERE HE WAS! Zhodi said that the energies told him that Jardani would be returning. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy and it was just an illusion…

Posted by Evermore Fans on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Kyrah Flickered in.

Kyrah also flickered back into town, looking rather haggard and beat up. Someone had attacked her while in Aurora. She also brought back with her a map of Aurora and a copy of her old family tree.

Dervell vs Rutig

Dervell and Rutig decided to compete against each other for Cleo’s hand via arm wrestling. Surprisingly neither of them won. They both stopped the competition and began uncontrollably dancing about the tavern, seemingly against their will. In the end Cleo chose Dervell and they stayed by each other the rest of the evening.

The faces behind the curses

The silence, singing, and animal noises were allegedly found to be caused by Frank, Cornelius and Aurelius. They have a world map that showed that there were more worlds possibly in rotation than the ones we already know. Parts of Lore may have been bleeding into other worlds.

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