Evening in Review (2/14): Magic Babies and Love-Struck Shenanigans

Valentine’s Day was a difficult concept for many Evermorians to grasp! Wen proclaimed that it was a day about love and decapitation, while many others debated the four magic babies of the apocalypse.

What’s with all the babies?!

The Knights, several Wolves, Caderyn and others had a lively debate about the role of babies in World Walker holidays. They talked about the magic baby (from Christmas), the murderous baby (from the New Year, which kills the old man from the previous year), the Valentine’s Day baby (cupid) and the fake babies (leprechauns from St. Patrick’s Day).

It was… a hilarious mess.

I have a lengthy video of this debate that I will publish very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel!

Imelda has an allergic reaction to illusion magic… and Bubbles appears.

As the fairy of love, Imelda wanted to look beautiful on the holiday that celebrates love. Caderyn attempted to help her with some illusion magic but it went badly. Imelda had an allergic reaction and, as a result, the town experienced a collective nightmare that was Bubbles.

[ Video coming soon ]

The Tripaliaries attempted to force relationships.

In order to more effectively study relationships, the Tripaliaries tried to set people up all over town. I recorded them bringing Dr. Marsh to Drake, and Piper to Arawn. I know they were up to other shenanigans throughout the park. For one gold piece, they would take requests.

[ Video coming soon ]

Piper played a lovely song about the Knights.

Piper wrote a song about the Knights and played it for Ser Kilyrie. They had a lovely chat about Piper’s feelings for Sir Arawn.

[ Video coming soon ]


The Tripaliaries make a wish.

The Coven had invited people to write their wishes on paper and burn them in the fire. Late in the evening, the Tripaliaries visited to make a special wish. Wen instructed them to use some magical paper.

[ Video coming soon ]

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