Evening in Review 2/22: Sylvi Freezes the Town! Svani Escapes!

With only one week to go before the Aurora Portal closes, we knew that tonight was going to be a whirlwind… and, well, we weren’t wrong.

Ulf-Drott asked Miri to lead the Wolves to their son.

Ulf-Drott and Ulfenia visited Miri in the Coven to ask her to help them find her son. Specifically, they invited her to go to Aurora and guide them across the ice flats.

She agreed.

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Kyrah and Jasper had their bachelorette and stag parties.

The newly engaged couple celebrated their upcoming wedding with the traditional parties. Kyrah’s was in the tavern and Jasper’s was around the Blackheart fire. At one point, the Blackhearts became so intoxicated that they stole a cannon from the tavern!

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Aurelian died.

Aurelian died early in the evening, as a result of liver failure after drinking too much. Frank said that Aurelian’s body had been left in the forest to decompose, but that his consciousness would live on.

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The Elves of Light confessed to murdering Svanliefr.

The Knights questioned the Elves of Light, who confessed to murdering Svanliefr when the Frost Lords first appeared in town. They claimed to have a good reason for this and provided their evidence to the Knights.

No charges were filed against the Elves of Light.

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A town council was held to decide Svani’s fate.

The Knights brought the Light Elves’ evidence before the town council and asked for permission to arrest Svanliefr. The guilds agreed and a plan to arrest Svani was hatched.

All of the guilds assembled in together and converged on Svani’s position all at once.

Sylvi froze the entire town.

Sylvi froze the entire town. She heckled the frozen Evermorians and even kissed Oliver before she slipped out of the portal with her brother, Svani. Bastian was also frozen by her spell.

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Only Gjakull and Miss Ginley were saved from the freezing spell. They were spared because they were in the fairy garden, where Imelda had cast abjuration magic. Imelda had sensed the freeze coming and was only able to protect two people. She allowed herself to be frozen in order to save the two people who would be best able to help the town.

Gjakull and Miss Ginley were able to unfreeze Wen Weaver, who was then able to help unfreeze the rest of the town.

Wen saved everyone else by having World Walkers gather in groups of three. One had a silver ribbon, another had a red ribbon and the third person was a member of the Coven. Together, they tied the ribbons on affected Evermorians.

Unfortunately, nobody tied any ribbons on Wen and she continued to suffer until she nearly collapsed. Eventually, she was given ribbons and protected.

Gjakull and Wen Weaver shared a moment.

Thanks to a World Walker, Gjakull and Wen Weaver had a moment together. Apparently, they were together for many years before Gjakull disappeared and left Wen. She does not want to be heard again (in her words, she’s done), so it was a rather tense but tender moment.

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The Frost Giant is going with the Elves of Light.

Both the Elves of Light and the Wolves of Winter have offered to help the Frost Giant return to Aurora and search for his family.

Several Evermorians are having vivid nightmares… with a message.

Vaella, Dervel, Mayor Violet and Piper have all experienced terrible recurring nightmares. Each one received a message in their nightmare, which they remembered after they awoke.

The messages are as follows:

  • Archers and swordsman their enemies kill. (Vaella’s)
  • The children and the voiceless soldier on a wheel. (Dervel’s)
  • Jump now to action, claim your sweet victories. (Violet’s)
  • Rise up to the challenge and claim your prize trophy. (Piper’s)

Cornelius died.

Cornelius gave a farewell speech just before the evening shanty. He informed us that they had decided to postpone his murder until the next week… but later, Frank tricked him into drinking the poison anyway.

This was all planned, since the Tripaliaries wanted to experience all three kinds of death: when your body shuts down involuntarily, murder, and voluntarily ending your life. Thus, Aurelian suffered liver failure… Cornelius was murdered by Frank… and Frank now intends to starve himself for the next week or so. He has already started going without food, so the process has already begun.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. One thing that is missing from this evening (a lot happened) is that Ginley cured Ulf-Drott. In response to which Therik (Therik!) gave Ginley back Gafruk’s staff as a show of trust.