Evening in Review 2/8 – Ollie Attacks, Frost Giant, Kasper Engagement & More

It was a busy evening in Evermore! I hope y’all took notes and leave comments, because I know there’s stuff I missed.

Ollie attacked after the Vinter Hex performance.

The Acting Troupe performed Vinter Hex. Ollie was clearly distracted and unhappy during the performance.

At the end, an argument broke out. Ollie attacked Piper and Filander. Filander drew a gun loaded with a silver bullet, but it wouldn’t fire.

Oliver was subdued by Arawn and Drake. He drank something (wolfsbane?), which was given to Ulfenia by Miri. He was watched in the mausoleum for the rest of the evening.

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World Walkers joined the Wolves of Winter.

The last trial was administered by Ulfenia. World Wallers engaged in trial by combat, blocking three blows with a sword.

At the end of the evening, the 34 people who successfully completed all seven trials were initiated into the Wolves of Winter with a ceremony.

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Sora severs her connection with her mother.

With the help of the Coven, Sora successfully severed her telepathic connection to her mother. Sora seems much happier.

Sora has made a deal with Kyrah. If Kyrah can conquer Sora’s mother, Sora will help Kyrah take the throne.

A Frost Giant appears at the Church.

A Frost Giant appeared at the Church. From what I heard, it has a connection to Sylvi somehow.

Jasper and Kyrah are engaged!

At the end of the night, Jasper proposed to Kytah – and she said YES!

I’m dubbing this ‘ship “Kasper” for brevity in my headlines. Also, I hope nothing bad happens to these two. Evermore has a history of tragedies when it comes to engaged couples…

Miri senses her family approaching.

Miri hasn’t seen her family in around 20 years… but she can feel their presence growing stronger. She isn’t happy about it.

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  1. A little bit of extra info on the Frost Giant is that they are minions of the Frost Lords and according to the Wolves are one of the reasons they lost so many.