Evening in Review 3/7: Maxwell Returns, Murders 3 People

All week, we were teased with the return of Maxwell Morgan… and tonight, we lost several friends as the marvelously mustachioed man made his return.

Caderyn summoned Wisteria and Mortimer.

Early in the night, World Walkers spied some familiar faces. We had expected to see Maxwell Morgan again, but we didn’t necessarily expect to see Wisteria and Mortimer!

Faldo and Caderyn agreed to give their lives for the town. Caderyn had visited Ariadne and he had seen the future. He knew what Maxwell was planning to do. Faldo and Caderyn agreed to be woven back into the tapestry in exchange for a favor.

I did not personally witness this event, and I am not aware what the favor was.

Before their passing, Faldo gave Imelda his lantern and Caderyn gave Imelda his crown. Imelda later placed them both in a position of honor in the tavern.

Maxwell was summoned and immediately killed several people.

At 6pm, we gathered at the staircase to summon Maxwell. Donovan, Piper and Cecily led the crowd in singing Maxwell’s song. He made his debut at the top of the stairs.

Cecily ran to him and they embraced… and then he walked down the stairs, where he killed Caderyn and Faldo. Wen Weaver stormed up the stairs, so Maxwell killed her too.

He also killed Dervel and Vaella, but he said something about “mercy” and restored them.

Maxwell’s total kill count is 18. It was previously thought to be 16, but he revealed tonight that he did not kill Judge Atkinson. Thus, his previous body count was 15 and the three deaths tonight bring it to 18. Let’s hope it doesn’t go any higher.

Ozymandias gave Maxwell his coat back.

Shortly after Maxwell’s return, he embraced Ozymandias and asked for his coat back. They were very friendly.

The World Talkers reported a very interesting story about Maxwell and Ozymandias’ relationship. It was confirmed independently by other World Walkers. It’s worth a read.

Filander offered to help Ozymandias.

Filander approached Ozymandias. He reminded Ozy that he is still in Ozy’s debt, and that Filander is available to help him if he needed a favor. Ozymandias was slightly intoxicated, and said that he would talk to Filander later when he’d sobered up a bit.

Maxwell declared himself Mayor of Evermore.

Maxwell appointed himself mayor and dismissed the entire council. He said that he would select a council next week. He intends to make sweeping changes to the way things work in Evermore.

He denounced tyranny and insisted that he was not a tyrant… but when his authority was challenged, he essentially threatened to murder more people.

Sephtis, apparently, 100% supports Maxwell. I heard him tell Ser Kilyrie that he was glad Maxwell had returned and he thinks that Maxwell is “exactly where he should be.”

Archery and axe-throwing reopened!

The archery and axe-throwing stations are open again. The axe-throwing has been relocated near Hunter’s Hovel.

What are your thoughts on the events of the evening?

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