Evening in Review 1/11: A 13th Wolf, A New Romance and More

Shocking information was revealed on the evening of January 11th!

The Light Elves return.

Early in the evening, Ser Kilyrie was spotted with two Elves of Light. They were apparently found in the forest.

Mayor Violet demands respect.

Mayor Violet and Ozymandias have received a lot of unsolicited advice from World Walkers about how to handle Ginley. Some have apparently been very rude or demanding. Violet has demanded that everyone remain civil and treat the Evermorians – and their laws – with the proper respect.

Karej becomes part of the town council.

Violet announced her intent to have someone from each portal on the town council as well. Karej was sworn in as a representative from Aurora, despite protests from the Frost Lords.

Sora meets the Coven.

Sora de Cyadel, the eldest of the Frost Lord siblings, approached Wen to learn more about the Coven.

Violet and Phillip are adorable.

A few weeks ago, Phillip blurted out his feelings while in the mausoleum. Tonight, Violet asked us if we believed this was genuine… and asked us to follow up with Phillip.

Phillip gave us a postcard to deliver to Violet. Although he is the postmaster, he didn’t feel right delivering it himself. Thus began a long night of note-passing between these two.

All of this culminated in an adorable moment when Phillip presented Violet with a gift and the two went away on a walk together.

Imelda is struggling.

Imelda is not doing well at all. She hasn’t been sleeping. In addition, she has experienced a strange new power. When someone touches her, she can feel their emotions intensely.

Piper and Bastian go on a date.

Piper choose to pursue a date with Bastian, the youngest of the Frost Lords… but instead of love, she was pursuing information.

Ulf-Drott and Ulfenia have a child – and he’s ALIVE.

During a discussion about peace, Wen asked Ulf-Drott to help her see what had happened to them. With Miri’s assistance, they were able to see into the flames… and Miri saw the LIVING child of Ulf-Drott and Ulfenia.

According to Miri, the Wolves had been forced to leave and assumed their child was dead. Instead, their child survived.

In Miri’s words, the child was currently trapped by “snow and silk and ice.”


Unfortunately, in order to join the Wolves, you will need to attend Evermore every single Saturday for the next four weeks.

You will have to complete two tasks on each of the next three Saturdays, and then one final task after that.

Ulf-Drott made it clear that you cannot go back. If you miss a day or fail to complete a task, you will not have the chance to do it again.

A new dwarf flickered in from Mythos.

Yolo apparently flickered in from Mythos. I heard that he’s a cousin of Lani and Terno, although I was not able to confirm this myself.

The Frost Lords discuss visiting The Last Shackle.

According to Tiffany, “The Frost Lords also approached the pirates and were talking about how they came to Evermore for trading purposes. Captain Abberford even was talking about having them aboard the ship. The conversation was in the tavern so I didn’t catch everything.”

The new Gazette is for sale in the shop!

The new Gazette costs $1 per copy. You can pick it up in the Kettle Cafe.

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  1. Thanks for these recaps @Nicole. They’re pitched at just the right level to keep us informed of events if we can’t make it to Evermore on a particular day. You should have a job at the Gazette!