New Wolves, More Pie and a Special Performance: Evermore Evening in Review 12/13

Wondering what’s happening at Evermore Park this weekend? This is our Evening in Review for December 13th.

The One Voice Children’s Choir performed in Vander’s Keep.

A special holiday performance by One Voice Children’s Choir was held in Vander’s Keep. It was open to all guests, and we enjoyed watching them while we ate our soup bowl.

New Wolves of Winter arrived from Aurora.

Four new Wolves arrived during the evening. These include Seetly, Rorst, Yrsa and Rut-Rut. You can watch their arrival and introductory meeting here.

A World Walker purchased the Forge and named it after Sir Rooster.

In a very touching moment, Sykes announced the sale of the Forge. A wealthy World Walker bought it for 1,500 pieces of gold and requested that it be renamed “Sir Reginald Rooster Reyes Forge.”

The Elven Rangers have developed sparkles like the Light Elves.

Vaella and Dryner have sparkles on their faces, just like the Elves of Light. They did not put the sparkles on themselves and nobody else did it, either. It appears to be a side effect of the pie. Since Nightshade was out of town, we don’t know if he is affected.

The pie may be affecting people’s movements.

I personally saw Ser Kilyrie walk in a very weird, mechanical sort of way. She would do this for 8-10 steps and then abruptly stop. Other World Walkers reported seeing Phillip do the same thing.

Kyrah was forced to eat pie by Dryner and Vaella.

The Rangers teamed up to force Kyrah to eat the pie. According to another World Walker, the Elves of Light sent the Elven Rangers a letter thanking them for their support. Some of the phrases seemed to trigger the Rangers, who then held down Kyrah and forced a pie into her mouth.

Kyrah has fallen and is acting like all the other pie-eyed Evermorians. You can see it in the video below.

Zhodi received a dire card reading… and then was confronted by the Wolves.

Earlier in the evening, Zhodi received a dire card reading: three daggers and three ravens. Some World Walkers were concerned that this may have to do with his consumption of the pies, so the Wolves were brought in to confront him. The conversation didn’t necessary go very well.

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  1. Thank you for this evening in review! I’m so grateful to know about Evermore’s happenings even though I can’t be there.
    This pie thing is very worrying…I hope it’s effects aren’t lasting, especially since so many people just recovered from the Darkblood plague.