Wen Confronts Arawn, Buildings Sold and a Plan is Hatched – Evermore Evening in Review 12/16

Here’s our Evermore Evening in Review for Monday, December 16th, 2019.

Wen confronts Arawn about what happened to Zhodi.

When Wen discovered that Arawn played a role in convincing Zhodi to use dark magic on Saturday, she was livid. She confronted him and, well, this happened…

The prices changed… and a few properties sold.

Sykes presided over two important town meetings on Monday evening. In the first, he announced the changing prices of some of the unsold buildings in Evermore.

About an hour later, he announced that a number of buildings had sold.

Pie-eyed shenanigans continued.

Of course, the Evermorians continued eating the pies. I created this compilation from our footage throughout the weekend, so it wasn’t exclusively a Monday night event… Some of our Evermorian friends featured in this video were recovered from their pie-phoria after I took these videos.

Ozymandias was force-fed a pie by one of the Elves of Light.

Although Ozy had been resisting the pies, he was force-fed a pie by one of the Elves.


Kyrah flickered out of town.

According to Kirsten, Kyrah flickered out, briefly flickered back in and then flickered back out.

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