Ginley and Gafruk Attack, Sykes is Injured, Ulf-Drott Arrives and More – Evermore Evening in Review 12/20

It was a night of conflict and fracturing allegiances in Evermore on Friday, December 20th.

Three new travelers arrived through the Aurora Portal.

Frank, Cornelius and Aurelius arrived through the Aurora Portal. According to Aline, Frank is a student and the other two are fellows at The University. They are not exactly forthcoming in conversation but they are very excited to be in Evermore on holiday.

The train is now running!

The promised train is now operational. It took several runs around the park last night and is a magnificent addition to the park.

The promised dance ended with a confrontation between the Wolves and the Elves.

The dance began joyfully and uneventfully, just as other dances in Evermore have… but things quickly changed when Miss Ginley stood up to make a speech.

She thanked everyone for their support and referred to Evermore as “our town.” When she said the word “delight,” all of the pie-eyed Evermorians snapped to attention like little tin soldiers. They marched mechanically to the crossroads between the forge, ruins and ranger post.

The Wolves were waiting for them there. A confrontation ensued, in which Gafruk decried Evermore for not doing more to defend the Elves from the Wolves. Warspeaker Karej held back the Wolves, trying to keep the peace by preventing them from taking arms. Eventually, Gafruk knocked Sykes to the ground and Ginley stomped on his leg. Sykes howled in pain and it was later revealed that his femur was broken.

While Sykes continued screaming, a strong drumming began as Packmaster Ulf-Drott arrived. He stood atop The Burrows and eventually made his way down to join the others. He spoke with Violet and agreed to obey Evermore’s laws.

Later, a town collection was started to pay for Sykes’ medical treatment.

The Light Elves return to their senses.

When the enchantment of the pie broke, the Elves of Light also changed. They had been bewitched by the pie as well. One of them isn’t even from Aurora; she’s from Mythos!

Wen severs ties with the Knights.

Wen attempted to help heal Sykes but her efforts were spurned. Furious, she banished all Knights from the ruins. This alienated certain members of the The Coven, who are unhappy with Wen’s decisions.

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