Marzi Arrives, Elf-Baked Goods, a Wolf Attack & More (12/6 Evening in Review)

We’ve experimented with a few formats here at Evermore Fans. The “Weekend in Review” became too cumbersome during Lore, especially when the park was open 5 days per week. The daily posts we attempted last weekend were equally cumbersome, but for different reasons. Starting today, we’re going to try out an “Evermore Evening in Review” format. Let me know what you think – and which format you prefer – in the comments!

Marzipan Werther arrives in Evermore.

Marzi Werther surprised her husband, Henry, when she arrived in Evermore early in the evening. He was delighted to see her but also heartbroken, because he had to explain that they didn’t have enough gold to purchase the Copper Confection yet.

After some discussion, they were surprised by the arrival of Uriah Dickens. Uriah is the new barrister and solicitor in town. He handed them a satchel with an unknown number of gold pieces and insisted they take it. He explained that it was the first fee he had been paid since arriving in Evermore and he wanted them to have it. They protested, but he insisted. In the end, Henry accepted the gift.

You can watch the entire exchange in this video:

Elf-baked goods feed the townspeople.

A town-council meeting held later in the evening was dire at best. The Acting Troupe confronted the Grey sisters about raising the rents and forcing them out of their homes, to which the Greys had a rather curious explanation. The Acting Troupe, among others, have been forced to take shelter in the catacombs.

The Elves of Light appeared, bringing elf-baked goods with a unique magical property. When the people of Evermore eat them, they suddenly feel full and energized after a single bite. Some Evermorians have reported feeling giddy and joyful as well. This food is helping our friends stay comfortable during the food shortage.

A Wolf was taken into custody for attacking an Elf.

Shortly thereafter, one of the new Wolves of Winter attacked a defenseless Elf of Light. The wolf was seized and brought to the front of town. Eventually, it was uncovered that the Elf fainted at the sight of the Wolf and that no physical contact was made. Ozymandius released the Wolf to his people.


Phillip called out the Acolytes for their crimes.

I was not able to get a video, but Phillip called out the Acolytes for their crimes and notified them that he would not allow them to terrorize Evermore.

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