Evermore Park News: Everything You Missed this Weekend (9/20-9/23)

There’s never a dull moment in Evermore! Here’s our recap of everything that happened in town during the weekend of September 20th through September 23, 2019.

An infected dragon scale causes an uproar.

Jasper found an infected dragon scale in the forest.

While on patrol in the forest, Jasper discovered an infected dragon scale on the ground. The scale was clearly overtaken by the disease. Jasper turned the infected scale over to the Dragon Trainers for further study.

The Dragon Trainers tested the infected scale.

Jasper assumed that an infected scale meant there was an infected dragon somewhere in the forest. The Dragon Trainers were not so sure. They hoped that the dragon scale had become infected after it had separated from the dragon.

Fortunately, Aidan had a solution. He invited Jasper and the Hunters to the tavern on Friday evening to put the question of an infected dragon to rest.

As Ina set up the test, Aidan explained the nature of the experiment. According to him, flairwart is a magical plant from Mythos that reacts to magic in other items. Dragon scales have very little magic when they are first shed but absorb magical energy from the environment over time. Therefore, a recently shed scale would not react with the plant. However, a scale that had been shed long ago and absorbed environmental energy would react more dramatically.

The Guilds argue about the infected dragon scale.

Although Aidan and Ina had hoped that the experiment would put the matter to rest, the dragon scale continued to be a source of contention in the town. Aidan called a meeting of the guilds on Saturday evening to discuss the continued rumors of an infected dragon.

Jasper admitted that he saw the experiment with his own eyes. However, he was still suspicious because we are relying on Aidan’s personal knowledge to interpret the results. Ina retrieved Aelin from Drakenhaven and showed the guilds that she was clean. Even this was not enough to satisfy Jasper, who requested some of Aelin’s scales to test. Aidan became infuriated and shouted, “You don’t touch my dragon, EVER!”

The Fae King summons his dark blood army.

Immediately after Aidan shouted, the Fae King began to speak. He summoned the dark bloods from the hillside and they began to pour down the stairs. Some World Walkers confronted the Fae King, who said that he wants the dragons because the Dragon Trainers have not been using them to their full potential.

Fortunately, Jasper led the defense and held the darkbloods at bay while Vaella covered Ina and Aelin’s retreat. Ina, Aidan and Aelin safely returned to Drakenhaven without being touched by the darkness.

You can watch the guild council and the ensuing chaos in this video:


The dragon trainers have secured themselves in Drakenhaven.

On Monday evening, Aidan and Ina where nowhere to be found. Vaella explained that they had barricaded themselves in Drakenhaven to protect and care for their dragons.

Professor Beaumont has a new personality. 

The Professor received a mysterious letter last weekend.

On Friday, the Professor showed us a mysterious letter that had arrived the previous week. When exposed to fire, much of the message disappeared and revealed a very specific message.

Balthazar finds the situation with the Fae King very “interesting.”

I was formally introduced to Balthazar on Saturday evening, just after the Fae King had summoned his darkbloods. In this video, you can see my first interaction with Balthazar:

Balthazar is also very interested in Kyra’s magic.

After receiving a lecture from Balthazar about her magic, Kyra became very frustrated. She wanted to know what happened to him because he used to be so patient and understanding. At this point, he introduced himself as Balthazar and encouraged her to keep trying her magic.

Kyra reconnects with her magic. 

Kyra has been frustrated for quite some time.

Since Caderyn revealed her true identity has a powerful magical being and not a fairy princess, Kyra has been struggling with her identity. Things have only escalated with the opening of the Lore Portal because she feels so much pressure to save the day. As a result, she has been spending a lot of time drinking in the tavern on Friday night.

By Monday night, she was doing tarot readings.

Kyra seems to have found her niche in doing tarot readings. Balthazar informed me that they are extremely accurate. Katie Ward shared videos of Kyra’s readings for Phillip, Balthazar and Captain Duphrane here.

Maxwell is arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Maxwell was on his second bottle when the portals opened.

Professor Beaumont cautioned me as the portal opened Friday evening. Apparently, Maxwell was already on his second bottle of vodka and was becoming quite intoxicated.

By the end of the night, Inspector Ozymandius insisted he should rest for a while. When Maxwell resisted, a fight broke out. Reports vary, but the encounter ended when Maxwell took a swing at the Inspector and the Inspector slammed him into a stone pillar. Maxwell was arrested and gold was set at 50 gold.

The Acting Troupe hosted a Complementition to raise money.

The Acting Troupe hosted a compliment competition (or a “Complementition,” as they called it) to raise money toward Maxwell’s bail. It was a very interesting event!

The event was minimally successful, but some wealthy World Walkers offered to make up the deficit. We were confident that Maxwell’s bail would be paid without any issues.

The bail was spontaneously tripled to 150 gold!

When it was time to pay the bail, the amount had been raised to 150 gold. Fortunately, newcomer Captain Abberford Duphrane offered to pay the bail.

In other news…

Captain Abberford Duphrane arrives with his air ship crew.

According to Captain Duphrane, his crew is getting up there in years and is looking for a place to call home. The Captain has been spotted in town with his associate, Mr. Cross.

Captain Abberford Duphrane (right) and his associate Mr. Cross (left)

There are other newcomers to Evermore, also.

This weekend, we also met Cecily Sinclair, Mortimer and Iris. Learn more about them in our Everfolk directory.

The vampire turned the pages of the grimoire.

The grimoire that Lysette has been guarding is now open. These are the pages that were visible this weekend. They can be transcribed using the Vampiric Alphabet.

The Shanty’s fireplace overheated on Saturday evening.

Somehow, the fireplace outside the shanty was not turned off on Friday evening. It continued to burn throughout Saturday and eventually the stones in the chimney overheated. The building began to smoke and the eerie orange lights around the building glowed like flames. Everyone was evacuated into the town center for a little while, but eventually the restriction was lifted.

Ariadne’s barrier replacement would take two weeks.

It would take a fortnight for Ariadne to create a replacement barrier… and in order to do it, she would need to completely dismantle the existing barrier first. It would also require a significant sacrifice from someone in the town. As she explained it, dark magic doesn’t do protection so the new barrier would be based on an entrapment spell. Nobody and nothing would be able to get in or out of the town until her barrier was removed. It would also seal the World Walker’s portal to Earth.

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