Evermore Properties Listed for Sale (& The Prices)

After Mayor Violet declared a state of emergency in Evermore, various properties around town were listed for sale. World Walkers cannot buy them but can assist Evermorians with their purchases. Here is what we know about the property sales so far.

Barter East, Barter West and the Hex Trove are listed for 3,000 gold pieces each. These are the concession stands located throughout Evermore.

Copper Confection is listed at 5,500 gold pieces. Henry Werther hopes to purchase this building so that his wife, Marzi, can open a bakery.

The Burrows is listed for 8,000 gold pieces.

The Kettle Cafe mercantile shop is listed for 9,000 gold pieces.

The Tavern is listed for 9,000 gold pieces.

The Church was listed for 9,000 gold pieces and was immediately purchased by the Acolytes of the Order of St. Michael.

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