Evermore Realms CCG: Lore 2019 Collection

The first deck of the Realms Collectible Card Game has been released! The cards were the focal point of the entire New Years’ Eve bash.

Those lucky enough to secure a deck were able to get their cards signed by all current characters throughout the night. Unfortunately, there is no option to get cards signed by those who died or left the park because… well, obviously.

We’ve included a full list of the cards below. We’re also adding the cards to the character directory so that you can see the photos there.

Captain Abeford Duphrane

Captain Duphrane’s name is the ONLY one that we will not be changing as a result of the Realms CCG release.

He confided in me on launch day that he instructed them to misspell his name on the card because he’s a pirate. He doesn’t want anyone to come to town with a warrant and be able to use the card to identify him. This way, he can claim that he’s Abeford, not Abberford.

But he really is Abberford.

Sir Arawn

Spider Princess Ariadne



Bear “Suds” McBride

Benjamin Scuff / The Ghost of Benjamin Scuff


Caderyn / The Fae King

Cecily Sinclair

Chauncey Haverforth

Cledhona McTavish

Dervell Dunghill

Droch Locran

Edgar Beaumont / Balthazar



The Fates

Fergus Nettleton


Gudrun Radormer Grey

Hal (Zenfhalashriyendelias Nensen-Ryhon) / Dark Zenfhalashriyendelias

Hal has a two-sided card… and it shows his full name, so we never have to ask how to spell THAT again… ๐Ÿ˜‰

James Bertwhistle Wikam

Jardani / Demetri

Jasper Or’Touthe

Acting Commander Kilyrie

Kyne Ranoa Mallach



Lilly Dunghill / The Ghost of Lilly Dunghill

Morgan Maxwell / Maxwell the Necromancer

I love that Maxwell’s quote is “We will fight until victory is won.”



Oliver “Ollie” Urwin

Ophelia Blanche

“Captain” Oran Harrowbrook

Phillip Humphrey

Piper Monroe

The Pooka

Sir Reginald Reyes

Sir Rooster was one of the most beloved characters in the park, so it’s only fitting that he had one of the coolest cards.

Sir Reginald Rooster Reyes - Evermore Realms CCG

Ro Nettleton




Tip-Top 2.0


Vaella Longborn

Violet Atkinson

Wen Weaver

Zhodi / Enlightened Zhodi

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  1. so I just bought a set last weekend, have full set but the rules are super tiny print. anyone have a more friendly version for someone with old eyes?