The Fae King Returns

On the opening night of Lore, we mourned the inevitable transformation of our friend Caderyn into the formidable entity known as the Fae King.

The Fae King can be found, for now, in the ruins where the Dragon Trainers usually are. He’s usually accompanied by at least one additional Evermorian.

From his vantage point across the way, Rooster is also keeping a close eye on the Caderyn. As Rooster wistfully reminded some passing World Walkers, “He saved my life once.”

For now, Caderyn still remembers who he is and is still working against the coming darkness. We overheard him inviting World Walkers to continue spreading their light.

When it was our turn to speak with him, we asked him, “Do you still go by Caderyn, or do you go by another name?

“I will go by whatever name you call me,” he answered. “Caderyn is the name of the man who lives beneath this darkness. I will accept this name.”

Of course, like everything in Evermore, this could change as the darkness creeps in…

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