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  • RobynSwift

    January 2, 2020 at 11:16 pm

    Bard’s Guild

    Guild logo/banner: Quill writing a treble cleft sign and 9 stars in the background. The 9 stars represent the 9  muses from Greek mythology. 

    Guild leaders: Chancey is the head, with the Acting Troop and Cledhona as assistants. 

    How did the guild begin? The Acting Troop arrived a year ago and had a regular presence in the park as storytellers. Piper led the effort to form an official Bard’s Guild during Lore 2019. World Walkers petitioned Mayor Violet to approve the guild. The Bard’s Guild used bardic influence to clear the Burrows of dark magic and found magic in certain songs to help treat Infected citizens during Lore 2019.

    What is the guild’s goal/purpose in Evermore? There are different interpretations of the guild purpose according to each Acting Troop member. Most agree their goal is to spread joy and remind others of happy times. They are the ‘librarians’ of Evermore history and share the town history through storytelling and other performances. 

    What are the guild’s attributes? Bravado, Artistry, and Passion

    What is the guild’s biggest challenge(s)? They are a new guild, and struggle to be taken seriously by other established guilds. Some see their members ‘as a joke’, according to Ollie. 

    What is the guild’s biggest achievement(s)? They helped save Evermore during Lore 2019 with the Bardic Song of Remembrance. This song brought Infected characters back to their senses and helped guide them to the place where they could receive a cure. 

    What is the formal name of the guild? Bard’s Guild

    How do other guilds view that guild (friendly/unfriendly, etc)?  Other guilds usually view them with a friendly manner, but often do not take the Bard’s Guild contributions seriously.