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  • RobynSwift

    January 2, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    Pirate’s Guild

    Guild logo/banner: An anchor

    Guild leaders: Captain Duphrane, Oran, Gazer the Navigator

    How did the guild begin? In Mythos 2019, Captain Nettleton arrived in Evermore to lay low from Spanish privateers. Oran joined him during this season, but there were not enough pirates to meet the minimum requirement for guild status until Captain Duphrane arrived with his airship. They were formed during Lore 2019. 

    What is the guild’s goal/purpose in Evermore? To encourage trade in Evermore and make their own fortunes. They are first and foremost a trade guild, then a combat guild. They claim to be the guild with the most freedoms in Evermore, with the least restrictions on the individual. 

    What are the guild’s attributes? Freedom, Boldness, Luck

    What is the guild’s biggest challenge(s)? Dealing with the law, and getting trust or respect from others. 

    What is the guild’s biggest achievement(s)? They assisted in the Lore War of 2019 by contributing cannons and gunpowder to defend the city walls. The pirates also smuggled food into Evermore during the Lore 2019 season to sustain the starving citizens during the Darkblood outbreak. 

    What is the formal name of the guild? The Pirate’s Guild or the Pirates of The Last Shackle

    How do other guilds view that guild (friendly/unfriendly, etc)? Other guilds view the pirates distrustfully, even though the pirates have not backstabbed anyone in town.