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  • RobynSwift

    January 3, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    I’m going to enter the info I have here for now, then Nicole or another admin can move the text to the proper place later. 


    His ancestors were from Evermore and he visited Evermore to see them. When he was 16 years old he went on his first voyage on a mercantile ship called The Caliber. They were mostly transporting textiles. They were attacked by Spanish privateers and The Caliber sank. He was rescued from by boats that came from the shore, but most of the crew perished before the boats arrived. 

    He then came to Evermore at age 19. He was the town crier under Sykes and worked in the tavern singing shanties. He used his father’s pocketwatch to aid in his towncrier duties. He later left Evermore to earn more money. 

    Oran met Captain Nettleton while working as a dock laborer and signed up to sail with him. Oran didn’t know he was joining a pirate ship until after they embarked for the sea. He sailed with Captain Nettleton until they were attacked again by the Spanish privateers. They retreated to Evermore to lay low, and claimed not to be pirates so the Evermorians would allow them to stay. 

    He has captained many ships of various names, some of which include the Wild Rose and Jardani’s Reprieve.