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  • Amirathedragon

    January 7, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    This is what I know for the Dragon Trainers…

    The Guild was started by Aidan. I am not sure when it became an official guild, but Kaida was the first dragon trainer in Evermore before her father and sister showed up. Kaida and Ina are both Aidan’s adopted daughters and both helped build the guild with him leading it. 

    The goal of the dragon trainers in Evermore now that the dragons are back is to spread knowledge and understanding about dragons to prevent more unwanted deaths of dragons, or wars between dragons and other races such as humans or elves. 

    The attributes are Spirit, Knowledge, and Devotion. 

    The biggest challenges for the dragon trainers are keeping peace between dragons and those who live in Evermore, Making sure decisions by the town are made with consideration to the protection of the dragons, and preventing people from killing the dragons such as the Blackheart Hunters. 

    The biggest achievements of the dragon trainers is probably before they were an official guild when Kaida created Aelin, her dragon. their biggest achievement as a guild is when they used something from each portal to harmonize and bring the 4 worlds together to try and awaken a dragon egg they have. While not awakening the dragon egg, the process and magic that was done, opened a hole to the in between where dragons have been hiding. This allowed dragons to come back to Earth, no longer extinct creatures. 

    The other guilds are not always willing to work with the dragon trainers. The Rangers originally had a very bad and even potentially dangerous relationship with Aidan and his daughters as the Rangers were part of the dragon war that killed every last dragon. with help from world walkers and pressure from the town however, they were able to work through differences, and now while not fully trusting each other, trust that each will protect the town and will work together, the dragon trainers teaching the rangers about dragons and how to deal with them without killing them, and the Rangers having open minds towards the dragon trainers. The knights and the dragon trainers have always been more willing to talk with each other. The Hunters however have had a very nasty relationship with the dragon trainers. The Blackheart hunters have continued to hunt dragons after they came back from the in between and were the cause of the death of the dragon who’s head is now a decoration in the tavern. The Hunters during Lore were adamant that if any dragon got infected, that they would take action, and at one point accused Aelin of being infected after finding a dragon scale with the darkblood plague. This caused the dragon trainers to bring Aelin out of hiding to prove that she was not infected. When the Fae King found out, he sent the darkbloods to capture her and the dragon trainers fled back to Drakonhaven with Vaella protecting them as they ran. While the relationship has been frosty with the hunters and on many occasions ending with the members screaming at each other, at one point there was an agreement that the hunters would consult the dragon trainers before taking action against a dragon that was causing trouble. This did not seem to matter however when the hunters killed a dragon that was infected during Lore. As for the standing with the other guilds, it is mostly unknown as the other guilds came into being more during Lore, and the dragon trainers spent most of Lore in hiding to protect their dragons. 

    Currently Sylodross, the dragon who had taken up sleeping in the mausoleum, is in Drakonhaven after being moved their for his protection against the darkblood plague. As far as we know, he has still not awakened due to the amount of energy it took him to travel from the in between, as well as the energy that was being drained from him by someone who’s identity has not been confirmed. The other two dragons Aelin and Ildrax, the Ice Wyvern of Aidan, are assumed to be traveling with the the three dragon trainers to France where they are studying dragons and searching for more dragons and dragon eggs, hopefully to return when things warm up for Mythos.