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  • Nicole

    January 25, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    I’ll be honest: I liked Miss Ginley… even though I knew she was probably behind the pies. I did not want to be on the jury because I didn’t want to be responsible for making a decision. After seeing how the trial happened, I was *very* glad that I wasn’t in that position!

    Personally, I was not particularly thrilled with how the trial was handled, although I understand the need for some of it from a plot perspective. It wasn’t even the outcome that bothered me as much as the way the outcome came about. Some of the points were really bungled. 

    For example, it REALLY irked me when Uriah emphasized that the Elves weren’t enslaved because the Elf said that the only consequence was that the pie would be withheld if they disobeyed. Uriah went on to emphasize that the Elves loved the pie because it was delicious… but the point wasn’t whether or not they liked the pies… the point was that they were forced to become addicted to a mind-altering substance, which could be withheld as a method of control. I feel like that should have been clarified better.

    It also bugged me that Sykes asked for a conviction because it was the only way to protect Ginley. That isn’t how the law should function. :\ 

    Anyway… what are your thoughts?